TrafficMaster Allure Vinyl Flooring Review

What is TrafficMaster Allure Vinyl Flooring?

Before getting into the details of its construction, Allure is TrafficMaster’s affordable luxury vinyl plank and vinyl tile flooring. It is a private-label floor made for and sold primarily at Home Depot. This cuts out layers in the retail chain and the cost increases that accompany them.

The TrafficMaster Allure range can be divided in to two style types: TrafficMaster’s luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP). An easier distinction is that the tile is stone-look, and the plank is wood look luxury vinyl.

Within these two style types of Allure vinyl, TrafficMaster also makes basic, better and best grades: Allure, Allure Plus and Allure Ultra.

This TrafficMaster flooring review sorts out your options for Allure vinyl flooring in tile and plank styles.

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How is TrafficMaster Allure Flooring constructed?

TrafficMaster Allure is a laminate vinyl flooring meaning that it is constructed in layers.

  • Base: Fairly rigid solid vinyl forms the base for planks and tiles.
  • Image layer: This is the decorative layer you see. The pigmentation gives the vinyl the look of wood, ceramic tile or stone. It is embossed or textured to make it look more like the material it mimics.
  • Wear layer: Commercial grade wear layers with ceramic bead overlay resist scratching and dulling.

As mentioned above there are three grades of Allure luxury vinyl. However, it is worth noting that when you search on the Home Depot site, it is not always immediately clear which grade you’re looking at. The key is in the wear layer: Allure and Allure Plus have a wear layer of 4 mil, while Allure Ultra has a wear layer of 12 mil.

The Different Styles of TrafficMaster Allure Luxury Vinyl

Wood-look Allure Plank Vinyl Flooring – LVP

All the TrafficMaster Allure plank flooring has a wood look, and there is a large number of options in terms of style.

Allure and Allure Plus: Planks are 36” long. Most are 5” or 6” wide with a wear layer of 4 mil.

  • Currently over 30 different styles available, though availability depends on what your local store stocks.
  • This large selection of styles means there are all possible iterations of wood look vinyl planks – for example 9 different Oak planks ranging in color from white washed to dark gray, several different Maple planks, and a whole host of other wood species such as Elm, Ash, Chestnut, Rosewood, Cherry, Teak, as well as some planks based on non-specific wood species with names such as African Wood or Sunburst Honey Locust.

Allure Ultra: Planks are 47.6” long and 7.5” wide. These TrafficMaster LVT planks have a 12mil wear layer.

  • There are currently 15 different styles, with 8 different Oak styles (including natural, white washed, gray, and black versions), 3 Sawcut styles, Maple, Walnut, Cherry and Mahogany options.

Stone-look Allure Tile Vinyl Flooring – LVT

The stone-look options in the Allure collections are more limited. There are two grades, dependant on availability at your local Home Depot store.

Allure: Tiles are 12” x 36” or 12”x24” depending on the style, with a 4 mil wear layer.

  • Style-wise, the Allure LVT tiles are textured to resemble real stone available in five colors Corsica (beige/ with grey tones), Ashlar (reddish brown and dark grey), Red Rock (lighter reddish brown) and Sedona (cream/white), Ivory Travertine (ivory/beige).

Allure Ultra: Tiles are 12”x24”. The wear layer is 12mil.

  • These Allure Ultra tiles are colored and textured to look and feel like Travertine stone, and are available in four attractive colors: Aegean White, Carrera White, Aegean Ivory and Aegean Natural.

TrafficMaster Allure Flooring Pros and Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Allure luxury vinyl tile and planks.

TrafficMaster Allure Pros:

Low cost: Many leading brands of LVT and LVP cost $3.00 to $5.00 or more per square foot. Affordability means you can replace old flooring on a budget whether to enjoy yourself or spruce your home for resale.

Appealing styles: Allure captures the appeal of genuine wood and stone flooring and there are lots of options to choose from.

Easy installation: This is DIY-friendly flooring when instructions are followed (explained below).

Installation on any level: Put it in the basement without moisture worries.

Installation over any subfloor: Allure can be installed over plywood/O.S.B., concrete, tile and other vinyl flooring as long as the floor is in good condition.

Works with radiant heat: It’s ideal over hydronic and electric heated floors.

Water resistant: Use Allure with confidence in the kitchen, bath and laundry. Some Allure Ultra literature calls it waterproof, but normal precautions with water are still advisable.

Low maintenance: The routine is simple, as outlined below.

Commercial wear layer: The 12mil commercial-grade wear layer of Allure Ultra should keep the flooring bright and resistant to scratch marks for many years.

Low VOCs: This means it won’t contribute to indoor air pollution and shouldn’t cause problems for anyone with breathing issues. Allure has the SCS Global Floor Score certification for low volatile organic compound content.

TrafficMaster Allure Cons:

Not considered premium LVT and LVP: Home Depot asked the manufacturer to produce decent-quality vinyl planks and tiles it could sell for less than most other brands, and Allure is the result.

A little thin on the 4mil wear layer: The Allure and Allure Plus wear layer is a cause for durability concern. Yes, the flooring has a 25-year or Lifetime warranty, but the warranty does not cover normal wear. These products will likely need replacing before the warranty against manufacturer defects expires.

Not designed for stairs: The pieces aren’t glued down, so are unsafe for stairs.

Not for garages, outbuildings and similar: It must be installed in temperature controlled space. Otherwise, expansion and contraction due to changing temperatures will cause the planks or tiles to come apart.

Read our article about the pros and cons of Luxury Vinyl flooring for more information.

TrafficMaster Allure Flooring Installation

We won’t get bogged down in details here. Clearly written instructions and tutorial videos are available for the Allure and Allure Plus Grip Strip and the interlocking edges of the Allure Ultra.

Allure and Allure Plus Planks: These planks use the Grip Strip ™ system. It’s a peel-off adhesive only at the edges. The left side of each plank overlaps and pushes down onto the right side of the adjoining plank to form a tight connection.

Allure Ultra Planks and Tiles: The edges are machined to produce something like a tongue and groove connection. You’ll feel and hear them “click” into place. The interlocking planks and tiles produce a floating floor.

Acclimation: Bring the boxes of flooring inside at least 2 days before installation. This allows the material to reach room temperature and eliminate any expansion or contraction issues after installing it.

Allure Flooring Installation

Choose a starter wall. Most homeowners like planks running along the longest walls in the room, though others prefer it the other way. Now’s the time to decide.

Use quarter-inch spacers between planks and walls for all Allure products.

For Allure and Allure Plus, install the first plank with the Grip Strip under the edge or interlocking edge away from the wall. Add the next plank or tile, connecting it to the first, and so forth. Use a small roller on Grip Strip connections to ensure a snug fit. Start the second row with a half piece so that butt seams are staggered.

Use a sharp utility knife for cutting.

Once the entire floor is laid, go over it with a 70lb or 100lb roller to really push those connections together – Grip Strip floors only.

There are a few other installation tips in the videos and written manuals. Following them will ensure DIY success.

Installation Requirements

Potential issues can be nipped in the bud with these Allure installation tips.

Fill grout lines that are more than ¼” wide. They’ll show up later if you don’t. Use self-leveling concrete over the entire floor to create a smooth, even surface.

If a concrete subfloor has a moisture content of 5% or higher, install a 6mil vapor barrier over the concrete first.

Adjust any Grip Strip pieces immediately if they’re not a good fit. You won’t be able to get them apart without damage after 10-15 minutes.

TrafficMaster Allure Flooring Cleaning and Maintenance

Vacuum or sweep as needed. If using a vacuum, choose one designed for vacuuming hard flooring such as hardwood, laminate and vinyl.

Use a damp mop for general cleaning and a sponge and a dish detergent solution for stuck-on messes. Don’t use abrasive tools or cleaners on Allure.

See our Vinyl Maintenance and Care Guide for complete details on caring for vinyl flooring.

Prices and Options

Here is a summary of Allure prices and other useful details such as warranty and wear layer.

Wear Layer
Cost/ sq. ft.
Warranty (1)
Top Styles
Allure 4mil $1.60-$1.90 Planks & Tiles 25 years/ None Khaki Oak, Canadian Hewn Oak, Sedona
Allure Plus 4mil $2.25-$2.70 Planks Lifetime/ 6 Grey Maple, Northern Hickory, American Cherry
Allure Ultra 12mil $2.40-$3.15 Planks & Tiles Lifetime/ 0 Country Walnut, Sawcut Arizona, Aegean Ivory

(1. First mention is residential use/ second mention for commercial use)

Other Vinyl Flooring Options and Prices

How does TrafficMaster Allure luxury vinyl flooring compare with other top brands and lines? Here is a table showing comparative retail prices of other luxury vinyl brands.

Brand and Line
Wear Layer
Cost/ sq. ft.
Armstrong River Falls (Menards) 6mil $1.30-$1.50
Mohawk Batavia 6mil $1.80-$2.25
Home Decorators Collection LVP 8mil $2.20-$2.45
Earthwerks LVT 12mil $2.70-$2.85
Home Legend LVP 20mil $2.75-$3.00
Congoleum Timeless Impact 12mil $2.80-$3.50
Shaw Niagara LVP 6mil $2.90-$3.15
LifeProof LVP 12mil $2.90-$3.25
LifeProof LVT 6mil $3.25-$3.50
Mannington Adura Rigid 5.5mil $3.60–$4.60
Armstrong Luxe Plank 20mil $3.90-$4.75
Earthwerks LVP 20mil $4.00-$4.15
Shaw Floor Titan HD Plus 30mil $4.20-$4.50
Karndean Michaelangelo Tile 20mil $4.70-$5.85

From the current market prices, you can see that the TrafficMaster Allure luxury vinyl places in the lower to mid-range in terms of cost. However, bear in mind that the Allure and Allure Plus lines only have a 4mil wear layer, so the relatively low cost might be reflected in lower durability. For a budget-friendly price and decent durability, the Allura Ultra compares well to other brands.

Allure Consumer Reviews

These useful comments from consumers that chose TrafficMaster Allure products show additional pros and cons.

The wood plank Allure I bought hides dirt from 2 dogs really well. And it is easy to clean with a wet spin mop. Had a handyman install it to save time. Looks fab! – Miss Margo

Cutting the LVT is harder than expected. You will go through a lot of blades and probably mess up a piece or two like we did. Also, once the Grip Strip hardens in like 20 minutes, you cannot get it apart. Make sure your alignment is perfect before moving on to next piece. – W&D Moeller

My mom got on her knees to feel and knock on it to believe the “oak” isn’t real. Gorgeous. I have Karndean (8 yrs old stuff) in another part of the house. This looks as nice. Will it be as durable? – Indie-Ah

It sold our home! We installed Allure planks throughout our 1,100 ranch to replace carpet and vinyl in really bad shape. DIY and spent less than $2,800. It took a few tries to figure out the process of gluing the edges, but soon we had it down. House sold at asking price to the third looker. Happy!!! – Bugsy Rocks

I’ve used Allure tile and planks in 4 rentals. The keys are to get the under floor super clean with no debris or it will show through (any vinyl floor). Put underlayment over tile or use self level concrete. Then, keep the vinyl swept clean of dirt. Two tenants keep a clean home, and their floors look great after 4 & 5 years. Two don’t, and the floors show wear after 3 and 5 years. Keep it free of gritty dirt and it will stay pretty. – BTG922

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