The 5 Worst Enemies of Home Flooring in the Springtime!

So spring is upon us and, while the stronger sunshine and warmer temperatures are most welcome, the changing climate brings with it a new set of challenges when it comes to looking after our home flooring. In this HomeFlooringPros guide we take a look at the top five culprits that you’ll need to watch out for if you want to keep all the different types of flooring in your home in tip top condition.

  • Rain, Dirt and Mud Damage – Spring is the time when you get caught in April showers or discover a leaky skylight after a harsh winter. Either way letting water sit on cork or bamboo flooring, or any other permeable flooring, is a big “no no” and can lead to swelling and cupping. Be sure to mop up any excess water early. Keep those dirty and muddy shoes off your expensive carpets and rugs too! Click here to learn more about water damage to home flooring including how to avoid it and what to do about it.
  • Garden Fertilizers, Yard and Pool Chemicals – Spring is also the time for getting out into the garden and/or getting on with some DIY maintenance around your yard and pool. Many of the fertilizers and chemicals used in these jobs can be very corrosive or can cause strong staining to surfaces like laminate flooring so keep them well away from your interiors and don’t walk them into the house.
  • Pollen and Allergens – Yes, as flowers start to bloom pollen and allergy sufferers brace themselves for another season of irritation. Now is the time to take extra care with your rug and carpet cleaning. More frequent cleaning will remove many allergens and keep irritation to a minimum.
  • Heat and Sunlight from Windows – Feeling the warmth of strong sunshine on your skin after a cold winter is bliss for you but not so great for your flooring. Sustained periods of strong heat, or sunlight magnified through windows, can fade, dry out and eventually crack vinyl and linoleum flooring so think about pulling down a blind when not using a room.
  • Falling Hazards with Wet Feet – If you have tiled flooring in your home then you need to lay down some firm ground rules when it comes to your children. First and foremost ‘No Running’ on tiled floors with wet feet or shoes! If you want to avoid a nasty spill then this rule is worth repeating each spring. Read our guide Carpet in Your Home is Safe for Small Children for more on home flooring safety for kids.

Spring is a great time of the year as we transition from wet and cold weather to dry and hot. Unfortunately these are exactly the kind of conditions that cause the greatest damage to your home flooring. Just remember to take a little extra care with your flooring during these months if you want to keep your home looking great.

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