Rug and Carpet Flooring Prices

price-guideLike most other types of home flooring, carpeting and rugs come in a wide price range based on quality and style. Even the cheapest carpet prices are often quite affordable, on par with inexpensive linoleum or laminate flooring. On the high end, stylish designer carpets such as Berber can be as expensive as natural stone flooring for the material or high-grade, exotic hardwood flooring.

The following carpet prices in this guide are approximate, for a more accurate quote please go ahead and request free estimates from local professionals in your area by CLICKING HERE.

In this guide to carpet flooring, we’re going to discuss the costs and prices of carpeting and installation. Of course area rugs will also be included in the sections below, but they are harder to price due to the wide range of patterns, shapes, sizes and quality. We’ll do our best to convey rug prices on this page so you can compare costs with other types. We encourage you to browse these other home carpeting guides as well, rug and carpet buying guide, installation, and for those interested in the care of your investment, we have a carpet cleaning guide that covers both care and cleaning.

Average Price Range of Carpet

Wall to wall carpet, on average, ranges in price from about $3-$7 per square foot. The higher the costs, the better the carpet usually is. An average carpet price is about $4.50 per square foot.

Rugs can cost as little as $1 per square foot for very cheap products. A good-quality area rug will cost $5 or more per square foot with the best rugs crafted from materials such as wool costing more than $8 per square foot.

Factors Affecting Rug and Carpet Prices

Different carpet brands, different materials used and how your carpet is constructed can all have a big influence on the overall carpet costs.

Popular brands – Stainmaster and Smartstrand are two popular low price brands with the majority of their carpeting priced between $1.50 and $5 per sq/ft. In the mid-range you have big names like Shaw and Mohawk offering carpet mainly in the $2.50 to $10 per sq/ft range. Finally, for the highest prices, brands like Masland and Fabrica offer best quality carpeting that starts at around $5-$7 and increases to as much as $25+ per sq/ft.

Fibers (materials) – The cheapest carpet fiber is olefin (Polypropylene), although stain resistant it doesn’t wear well and is best suited to low traffic areas. The majority of carpet is made from nylon and makes up the lion’s share of carpet in the $3 to $8 price range. Wool is the most expensive natural fiber available and tends to be in the $8 and above price range. Generally speaking the more expensive the fiber the more durable and softer it will be.

Carpet Construction and Style – Whether you choose loop, textured, frieze or patterned carpet you will find something to choose at all price points. Roughly speaking the lower the price the lower the face weight and thread density. Face weight refers to the physical weight of the fiber threads in one square yard (measured in ounces) and density refers to how tightly packed the fibers are woven into the backing.

Determining How Much You Need (Sq/Ft)

If you’re having the carpet professionally installed, the home flooring pros may want to measure the floors in order to be sure of the right quantity.

If you measure the floors, use a tape measure or get room dimensions from blueprints. Multiply length times width to get the square footage of the room. For example, a room that is 20’ long and 12’ wide, or 20’x12’, is 240 square feet. For rooms that are “L-shaped” such as a room with a nook, measure each section – each rectangle – separately. Add up totals from all the rectangles to get the amount of floor that is to be covered.

Carpet installers recommend adding 5% to the square feet total to allow for trimming. Therefore, multiply your total by 1.05. For example, if you need to cover 1,200 square feet, your equation is 1,200×1.05=1,260.

NOTE: Sometimes carpet is sold by the square yard rather than the square foot. To turn square feet into square yards, divide by 9 (not 3, since a square yard is 3 feet in each direction, or 3’x3’). So, in the example above, 1,260 square feet becomes 140 square yards.

Installation Pricing and Cost Factors

When you get carpet installation estimates, the cost will range from $0.50 per square foot to about $2 per square foot. Installation of the pad may be extra or it might be included.

Carpeting installation costs are based on the amount of time it will take the home flooring pros to do the job. The more open the floor plan is, the less time it will take. The smaller the areas and the more trimming that is required, the higher the price carpet installation per square foot will be.

Some carpet contractors factor the stairs differently. For example, they might give you an estimate of $1.25 per square foot plus $100 extra for the stairway. Depending on the type of stairway installation and how complex it is, expect estimates of $4-$10 per step.

If you really want to drill down into carpet prices and installation costs then take a look at the following resources: We found this carpet price guide very helpful for keeping track of the carpet prices of major brands and retailers and Homewyse is a good place to start if you want to estimate a budget for carpet installation. HomeAdvisor also offers useful information to give you an approximation of repair costs.

Saving Money on Carpet Costs

There are 3 key ways to save money on carpeting and installation. The first is to shop around for the carpeting. You’ll find that prices are pretty competitive, however. Some stores will throw in free padding or reduced installation, and those perks might make the total estimate from one store more affordable.

The second key is to get several estimates for the carpet installation from contractors who know they are competing for the business. If you use a service to get the estimates, it can be quick and convenient. Most are free and there should be no obligation for using the service. The contractors are typically pre-screened, so you’ll likely get estimates from the best installers in your area.

The third key is to do some of the preparation work yourself. Remove the baseboard trim, toe kicks and doors. Move all furniture, remove the old carpet and padding, tack strip and padding staples. Tell the contractors that you’re willing to do that work yourself before getting estimates.

Rugs & Carpeting Pricing FAQs

Q: What is the best time of year to buy carpet or have it installed? The worst time?
A: The best time of the year to find deals is in January. Dealers like to clear out their showroom to make room for new styles and patterns. Fall is the busiest time of year for installation since homeowners want the new carpet in for the holidays. Therefore, you might find installation costs to be higher in the fall since contractors are very busy. January is a good time to find low carpet installation prices too.

Q: How much does carpet cost when bought wholesale or online?
A: Buying online or direct from a wholesaler can reduce your carpet prices per square foot by as much as 30 to 40%.

Q: Does carpet contain formaldehyde?
A: No. Formaldehyde is no longer used.

Q: Will new carpet shed? What does this mean?
A: New carpet will shed a bit. This means that loose fibers, especially along cuts, will come loose. Just vacuum up the shed pieces. If it continues at a carpet seam so that a gap appears – something which is rare – then contact your carpet installer.

Q: Are there carpets that don’t require padding?
A: Yes. Most of these have a thicker backing that acts are padding or cushion. The prices are higher, as you would expect.

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