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Last Updated: February 22, 2023, by: Greca Fotopoulos

Exciting news in both the solid hardwood and engineered hardwood arena – the super cool reSAWN TIMBER co. have added a bunch of new products to their entirely desirable flooring, wall and ceiling cladding lines! reSAWN, known for their inspiring designs that are sourced in the USA using both new and reclaimed woods, have been at the forefront of creating wood flooring that is both effortlessly chic and timeless in its appeal.

pale solid wood flooring

Their latest additions feature in three of their five flooring collections.

Five new products – all white oak, and all available both as solid and engineered hardwood flooring – have been added to the Rustic Modern collection, which aims to highlight the natural character of the wood with beautiful finishes.

Whipped: a very delicate, light, cool whitewashed hand scraped oak with a matte polyurethane finish, with warm golden undertones that the hand scraped effect brings out beautifully.

Graze: features the reSAWN “original cut” technique that emphasizes the sawn grain patterns and marks in the product; finished with a natural matte hardwax oil, Graze has a cool contemporary grayish/ sepia tone.

Driftwood: this flooring also has the “original cut” feature but with a layered polyurethane finish; as you can imagine from the name, the aesthetic is of sea-weathered deep taupe color with a lighter well-defined, exposed grain.

Amity: available in wider 7” planks, Amity is a super stylish warm and creamy toned white oak with a very light smooth grain.

Usher: like Amity, Usher is also available in the wider 7” format, and has a similar delicate grain but with a more smoky-gray elegant tone.

resawn-graze and driftwood

Two new products have been added to the Plateau collection that showcases sleek new woods with refined finishes for cool modernist interiors. Both of these products are ash flooring with rich coloring that has been created with an unusual process that uses heat and steam to darken the wood.

Lassen: is available only as a solid hardwood in either 3.5” or 5.5” widths, and is a deep golden color with very distinct honey and caramel toned grain highlighted to full effect; the planks have also been cut using the plain saw technique to more fully expose the beautiful pattern of the grain.

Blackburn: is available as both solid hardwood (3.5” or 5” width) and engineered hardwood (5” width) and like Lassen has been prefinished with polyurethane; it is a rather delicious smooth, dark chocolaty brown – perfect for maximum impact.

resawn-whipped and javelin

Finally, there is one new flooring product in the gorgeous enCore collection that features antique reclaimed woods with wonderful character – ideal for anyone looking to add quirky personality to their space.

Javelin: is a creamy, highly textured, light tan toned reclaimed oak, available in 5” wide solid or engineered planks; it has been produced using a skip planning process that gives it a very rustic surface with loads of character marks and varied grain patterns.

All the above products are also available for wall or ceiling cladding, and reSAWN TIMBER co. also offer an interesting collection of handcrafted furniture including Live Edge tables and benches that celebrate the true nature of authentic woods. For more information and to request samples, please visit the reSAWN TIMBER co. website.

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