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February 5, 2023, by: Greca Fotopoulos

Quick Step’s NatureTek laminate flooring features waterproof and water resistant wood look planks and is priced between $2.50 to $5.00, available from local, independent retailers.

Quick Step is a European flooring manufacturer that has been producing laminate flooring since 1990. Although primarily known for their laminate floors they also produce a range of resilient vinyl floors (EnduraTek) and commercial carpeting.

In this Quick Step flooring report we are going to focus on their laminate flooring ranges which are called NatureTek, NatureTEK Select and NatureTEK Plus.

quick step laminate flooring in living room

NatureTEK is a new line of laminate flooring made by Quick Step. It is available with unique design choices, wider and longer planks and innovative technology that improves its performance against moisture.

The NatureTEK line is water-resistant and the NatureTEK Select and NatureTEK Plus lines are waterproof.

The brand’s 14 collections of laminate flooring feature gorgeous images of many different types of wood including oak, maple, hickory, cherry and other domestic and exotic options. Planks in some collections are over 80” long and 9” wide. Stain choices run the gamut from almost white to black with many naturals, reddish tones, browns and grays.

Below we look at some of the collections to get an idea of what’s available.

The largest collection, Reclaime, features both NatureTEK and NatureTEK Select with plank dimensions at ½ inch thick, 7.5” wide and lengths 54”. The featured wood in the Reclaime line is oak, but pine looks are offered in the NatureTEK Select series.

Stain colors range from the very light beige of White Wash Oak to the dark brown of Tudor. There are two chevron patterns in the Select line.

The NatureTEK collection, also called QS700, features enhanced grain patterns in Oak, Merbau, Cherry and Maple with plank lengths at 47.25” and widths at 7.5”. The eight stain choices include warm brown tones from light to dark.

Envique is a Tek Plus collection and features Oak and Pine. The Bridal White option in either wood looks something like a painted white wood floor. The Tuxedo line appears painted or smoked black. Lavish, a Tek Select line, uses Hickory in light to dark gray-brown stains.

The Veriluxe, a NatureTEK collection, features the largest plank sizes at 80” long and 8” wide and uses Oak in 5 color choices.

Colossia is the Tek Plus line. It’s planks are also 80”, but are 9” wide, among the widest of any laminate plank flooring. This collection also uses Oak and is available in 8 stain choices.

As you can see, Quick Step laminate flooring options range from classic beauty to many interesting, updated colors and styles. That’s why we think Quick Step is worth a look.


These are the advantages

  • NatureTEK products are available in a wide selection of very realistic looking wood graphics. A full spectrum of color tones are used. Plank dimensions vary to offer a range of looks. In short, you should find several options to match your taste, style and the character of your home.
  • The FloorScore certification means NatureTek products won’t release any harmful VOC’s into your living space.
  • All NatureTEK products have earned the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) Certification Seal, which means that these products have met flooring performance criteria for durability, strength and overall quality.
  • The NatureTEK line is water resistant, and the NatureTEK Select and Plus are waterproof. These features make the flooring easier to care for and there are fewer worries about spills.
  • All products are treated with Hydra Seal, a surface coating and water locking system that prevents moisture from spills and mopping to penetrate the flooring and cause damage.
  • GenuEdge is a technology available with NatureTEK, NatureTEK Select and NatureTEK Plus. The surface design layer is wrapped around the edge of the plank, so there are no visible unfinished areas. The result is laminate flooring that looks more like genuine hardwood planks.
  • NatureTek Plus is backed by a lifetime warranty and lifetime waterproof warranty for residential installation.

These are the disadvantages

  • None of the NatureTEK products with beveled edges should be installed where water on the floor is a normal part of life. Don’t consider NatureTEK for bathrooms, mudrooms and entryways were wet shoes are left on the floor.

Note that products without beveled edges can be installed in these areas because the waterproof or water-resistant layer is wrapped over vulnerable edges.


NatureTEK products feature the Uniclik locking system that eliminates the need for glue. The tightly fitting joints prevent water from seeping between the planks, though again, it makes sense to promptly clean up spills.

This floating floor laminate system makes installation easier for the DIYer.

The company website links to complete installation instructions for NatureTEK, NatureTEK Select, and NatureTEK Plus. All products require a clean and dry subfloor. Your two subfloor options are concrete or wood-based plywood or O.S.B.

All NatureTEK laminate must acclimate in their original packaging for 72 hours in the room in which they will be installed.

All flooring should be inspected for obvious defects prior to installation. Look for unfinished planks and plank that aren’t straight, horizontally or vertically.


Quick Step laminate flooring prices are lower than solid or engineered hardwood and cost about $2.50 to $5.00 per square foot depending on the collection.

The cost of the NatureTEK Select and NatureTEK Plus, the waterproof lines, is at the upper end of the cost range. The prices are for product only, installation is additional.


Quick Step laminate floors are in the top mid range price bracket for laminate flooring. Here’s a look at how Shaw’s flooring cost compares to other brands:

TrafficMaster Laminate $0.75 – $1.50
Pergo Portfolio $0.83 – $2.58
LifeProof Laminate $2.00 – $2.50
Home Decorators Collection $1.55 – $2.65
Lambton $1.75 – $2.65
Mohawk RevWood $1.90 – $3.50
Montserrat $1.99 – $2.45
Pergo XP $1.99 – $2.99
Islander $2.45 – $2.60
Shaw Floors $2.50 – $3.50
Pergo TimberCraft $2.50 – $2.99
Quick-Step Laminate $2.50 – $5.00
Pergo Outlast+ $2.65 – $2.79
Mannington $3.50 – $3.99
ECOfusion Flooring $4.40 – $6.15


The Quick Step products here, NatureTEK, NatureTEK Select, and NatureTEK Plus are relatively new, launching in April of 2018.

Note: Quick Step also has a line of laminate flooring called Studio sold through the home improvement store Lowes. The Studio line has received poor customer satisfaction.

These new NatureTEK products have been receiving much more positive reviews from customers, as well as industry insiders, including Floor Covering News.

Karen from North Carolina says… “Not only is the product beautiful but it has not scratched, dented, or warped. The quality of the product seems to be excellent”.

Some of the customers noted scratches or the edges coming up and the top layers peeling but the specific product was not indicated.

Walt from Pennsylvania stated that the Uniclik locking system made the flooring easy to install.

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  • March 16, 2022 at 11:10 am

    We had a Nature Tek Airloom # 39543 wood floor installed.
    Store told us to wash it with a gallon of water plus 1 cup vinegar mixture with soft cloth….this is NOT working – the floor is clean, but it looks streaked in a lot of places, I went over it with clear warm water…still looks smeared. Is there a Cleaner I can use on this floor?
    I wondered if the product – BONA would work? They have several types, what would be good on this floor.

  • May 6, 2021 at 1:55 am

    Hi- Are the Pergo Outlast and Quick-Step products the same but sold as “exclusive; Outlast-Home Depot and Quick-Step Lowes?

  • August 31, 2020 at 12:18 pm

    I have a few questions that I should have asked when I was buying this product. I was working with someone brand new to the store and just didn’t think to have her research this information for me. I have had the 7 1/2″ Campfire Oak 12 mm Style O installed in an entryway and closet. I will be putting a small rug down, to be used especially in the winter when we have snow.
    1. Is this waterproof?
    2. How do I clean it?
    3. Is this vinyl, laminate, wood?

    I love the color and the look!

    Thank you!


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