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Welcome to our Phenix carpet report, stick around and we’ll help you decide if Phenix carpet is any good and whether it’s the right choice for your home. Phenix flooring is a leading manufacturer of residential carpets and in this overview you’ll discover the style options available, along with their technological features, pros & cons compared to other carpet, how to install and clean Phenix carpets and what existing buyers have to say.

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Browse the Phenix Carpet portfolio, and you’ll discover about 100 styles of polyester and nylon carpets.  Sounds like a lot, but when you’re searching for the perfect combination of tone and texture, you may discover that the Phenix collection isn’t extensive compared to industry giants like Mohawk.

You could call their selection limited, or you could call it efficient. Phenix knows the residential carpet market well and meets its demands without producing exotic patterns that would clash in the average household.  It offers a range of textures, pile heights and weave patterns in 12-20 neutral colors each.

These are the major Phenix carpet ranges/collections:


Suresoft is Phenix’s piece-dyed polyester, which means that the dye is added after the carpet is woven.  This method can be used to create intricate patterns, like the Phenix Energetic style, which mimics tree bark.  Piece-dyeing involves strong chemicals and has mediocre stain resistance, so Phenix is joining other manufacturers in shifting away from this method.


SureSoftSD is made from P.E.T. (Polyethylene terephthalate or “polyester”) that is solution-dyed.  In this method, the dye is added to the plastic while still molten before it is spun into fiber.  Most of Phenix carpet falls into this family. Colors range from the merle look of Chandler Bay to the inspiring Bespoke pattern, based on ancient Japanese resist dyeing.  SureSoftSD carpets have fantastic stain and fade resistance, but their springiness will suffer if placed in high traffic walkways.


SureSoftSDN is Phenix’s line of solution-dyed nylon.  SureSoftSDN is known for its fabulous durability that’s backed by a lifetime “FloorEver” warranty.  Consumers often shy away from nylon because of price, but SureSoftSDN styles such as Crave and Tribute prove that value-priced nylon carpet does exist.


The Cleaner Home Carpets epitomize Phenix’s strength in blending features with value.  It uses the super-soft OpulenceHD fiber as a base, finished with Microban and SureFresh odor-capture technology.


Phenix on Main is the company’s venture into commercial flooring.  It includes 16 styles of broadloom carpet.


Phenix flooring has earned its rank among the top five carpet brands in the United States through its efficient use of technology.  Rather than sinking resources into developing its own stain-resistant products, Phenix decided to use existing products from StainMaster and Microban to affordably pack their carpets with features.

Here’s an outline of the major technologies found in Phenix carpet:


Though Microban products are in common use in homes, public spaces, and hospitals, Phenix is the only carpet brand to integrate Microban technology into carpet.  Microban inhibits bacteria and mold from reproducing, leading to a cleaner and more allergy-friendly home.


Speaking of allergies, StainMaster LiveWell helps keep them at bay.  This AllerShield technology prevents dust and pollen particles from sticking to the carpet fibers, so more of it will wind up in the vacuum.  It’s safe for kids and pets and even reduces stains by resisting soil accumulation.

Do you have a favorite Shark Vacuum?


Phenix uses StainMaster PetProtect on nylons to bring stain resistance to a historically less protected fiber type. Aesthetically, these products are designed to match the StainMaster Luxury Vinyl Tile, so you protect your entire home with pet-safe flooring.


SureFresh is an odor-capture innovation using a mineral base.  It does not mask odors, but actually captures them within the mineral’s unique structure.


Our top reason to choose Phenix carpet is value.  Phenix was developed in 2006 by a longtime Lowe’s manager; he knew what his customers wanted and discovered how to package those features into an affordable price bracket.  Prices will range from $1.09 to $6.79 per square foot, depending on technology and material.


Phenix Carpet Strengths:

  • Very good value, making affordable use of top technologies.
  • Available at big box stores, so you can often bring a sample home to see under your own lighting.
  • Designed to complement popular tile and plank flooring for a unified look throughout your home.

Phenix Carpet Concerns:

  • Most of Phenix carpet is polyester, which tends to wear out with heavy traffic. This is no different from other brands but good to keep in mind.
  • The colors and styles are limited compared to other brands.
  • Phenix does not offer wool or eco-friendly materials


The Phenix Carpet website doesn’t offer their own installation guidelines, but directs you to the Carpet and Rug Institute standard for installation.  The CRI standard is an amazingly comprehensive booklet that you should study before a DIY install.

Like most manufacturers, Phenix recommends hiring a professional for installation.  If you want to increase your chances of a successful warranty claim, hiring a professional is a must.

It’s not just about the warranty, though.  Longtime carpet installer-turned-salesman, Dave G., reveals that a professional install job is one of the best ways to prolong the life of your carpet:

“A pro who knows his business will happily answer your questions about their methods, such as whether they use a power stretcher or seam sealing.  They should be certified and proud of it.”


All Phenix carpets contain one or more stain resistant technologies, but you need to keep up with regular maintenance and jump on stains immediately to keep carpet looking fresh.

Vacuum your carpet at least twice a week.  Phenix carpets won’t thin or wear with frequent vacuuming.  Hire a professional steam cleaner every 12-18 months to stay within the Phenix warranty recommendations.

Give areas of heavy foot-traffic a fighting chance by placing runners in hallways.  Use coasters under furniture and mats under office chairs.

Wear socks in the house to prevent body oils from building up in the carpeting and trapping grime.  Don’t tempt fate by bringing food, dark beverages or craft paint into carpeted areas.  If a spill happens, quickly look up how to treat that particular kind of stain before going after it.  Always avoid rubbing debris deeper into the carpet.


Are customers happy with Phenix carpet?

Since Phenix has had a close relationship with Lowe’s since its beginning, the Lowe’s website is a good source for Phenix reviews.  We find that customers are generally very satisfied with their purchase, surprised that they can find so many name-brand technologies built into one product.

Marty K. says,

We put Phenix Cornerstone in a year ago along with another brand that was 4x as expensive.  The Phenix is pilling much less than the other and is still so soft!”

Longtime carpet salesmen often have loyalty to brands that have been in the market longer, so Phenix may not be the first name they recommend. But Dave G., mentioned above, had this to say about Phenix:

“Go for nylon on stairs or walkways and poly for playrooms and bedrooms.  Install a quality pad under Phenix carpet and you should have few complaints.”

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