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Paradiso Flooring: What Is It, How Much Does It Cost and Is It Any Good?

$5.00 – $15.00 per Square Foot

Paradiso is a top-of-the-line flooring brand that has come to our attention lately, thanks to its association with the family of Proximity Mills flooring brands that also include Newton and Doma.  Each of the brands has its own unique identity and for Paradiso there’s one word that’s sums it up: luxury.

February 19, 2023, by: Greca Fotopoulos

Click here to see and shop Paradiso Flooring or read on for our Home Flooring Pros report. You can also read our reports on Proximity Mills, Doma and Newton.

paradiso flooring
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Paradiso is all about offering their customers the very best in elegance and style, with the kind of attention to detail that makes luxury flooring products stand out from the others.

So, whilst you’ll see carpet and engineered hardwood across all four brands, Paradiso’s is the one where you’ll find hardwood with a natural oil finish or a full bevel edge and that has the largest selection of deluxe hand loomed carpets.

Sadly, we’re not a wall décor website, otherwise we’d also be telling you about the incredible natural stone, glass and ceramic wall tiles that round out the Paradiso product line. We can only hope that they will soon add a floor tile product line to match their impressive carpet and hardwood options. (In the meantime, if you do want floor tiles, then check out the ones from Proximity Mills.)

Other positive aspects of the Paradiso brand are that they use materials that are safe for your home, and good for the planet: sustainable forests for their hardwood flooring and wool carpets, that are recyclable.

We also like that Paradiso are committed to using manufacturers that are fair to their workers, with certified free-trade labor, and that Paradiso support local businesses—see below for information about where you can buy Paradiso flooring products.

Now, let’s have a closer look at all four of Paradiso’s product lines:


Of Paradiso’s two flooring product lines, the carpet line is by far the larger and most impressive. Boasting no less than 54 different carpet collections, each available in several color options, Paradiso offers the absolute best choice for anyone looking to add luxurious comfort in their homes.

As you would imagine with this many collections, there is a large variety in styles including cut & loop, cut pile, flat weave, loop, and tip shear carpet; and there are carpets that feature block color as well as those that have motif patterns or texture patterns.

Of course, many of the collections are available in the best possible carpet fiber—100% wool; but Paradiso have also opted to have some collections available in wool blends or in 100% synthetic fibers. This allows them to use the properties of different fibers to create carpets that perform well in different environments (some are better suited to high traffic hallways, others better for calmer bedrooms).

Another choice to be made is between the Paradiso collections that are hand loomed and those that are woven. Whilst hand loomed carpets have a certain cachet that a machine woven carpet cannot replicate, rest assured that both construction methods result in a high-quality product.

Whatever Paradiso collection you choose, you’ll find one thing in common: beautiful and skilled artistry in its construction and design.

Some of our absolute favorites are the Resplendent collection, particularly in the Teal color option, with its casual mesh-like pattern; the Santorini collection with its glamorous version of the classic Grecian key motif; and the textured chevron pattern of the Opulent Wave collection is subtle luxury at its best.

But these three highlights really don’t do the Paradiso’s carpet line justice: there is just such a vast range of elegant designs to explore!  We strongly recommend you have a look yourself.

Here’s a reminder of the key advantages of Paradiso Carpet:

  • Excellent variety of styles: The Paradiso collections feature several different carpet styles including cut & loop, cut pile, flat weave, loop, and tip shear carpet.
  • Choice of fibers: Paradiso has chosen specific fibers or fiber blends for each collection to give their customers the best benefits of those fibers; whether that be a sleek but robust carpet in your dining room that can withstand regular entertaining, or a deep pile plush carpet for an opulent bedroom. We recommend you speak to your Paradiso retailer for expert advice for which carpet will work best for your needs.
  • Safe: Paradiso carpets are safe for your home, with low-VOC certification.
  • Some Excellent warranties: Most of the hand loomed carpets have a limited lifetime warranty for residential use, which is a wonderful testament to the quality of their products; warranties for the woven carpets meet the industry standards of between 10 to 20 years residential depending on the collection.

What are the disadvantages of Paradiso Carpet?

  • Cost: As you would expect from a luxury brand, some of Paradiso carpets are not cheap. And when you add to that the underlayment and the installation costs, you could be looking at quite a large investment.
  • Fiber choices: Some of the Paradiso carpet collections use synthetic fibers that are not necessarily the best if you have a busy home with kids and pets. Please be sure to ask your retailer for clear advice and research carpet fiber type before you buy.


As mentioned above, Paradiso’s carpets can be quite pricey at up to $14 per square foot. However, compared to many other luxury brands this is actually very competitive, and some of their carpet collections retail for a very reasonable $5 per square foot.

As Paradiso say, luxury is not always defined by a price tag. If your idea of luxury is excellent quality, attention to detail, and effortless style, then Paradiso carpets are exactly what you are looking for.

Here’s a price comparison with similar products from other brands:

Brand Material cost per square foot
Newton Carpet  $2 – $4
Doma Carpet $4 – $10
Paradiso Carpet $5 – $14


Alongside their impressive 54 carpet collections, the Paradiso engineered hardwood product lines seems rather teeny in comparison. There are currently just 5 hardwood collections, each with several color options, amounting to a total of 47 different hardwood products.

But whilst five collections are not many, this is definitely a case where less is more. Paradiso have concentrated their choices to the very best style hardwood flooring, sticking to the ultimate luxury ideal, of offering elegance and attention to detail above all.

The collections feature exclusively domestic hardwood veneers, mostly oak, but the Lake & Shore collection also comes in hickory, maple, and pine options. All the collections are a chic 7.5” width, except the extra-wide 9” Woodland Enterprise collection.

This refined approach means that your choices are focused down to tone and finish. And that’s where things get interesting with the Paradiso engineered hardwood floors, because you need to look at the little details that are going to elevate the aesthetic of your home.

For example, do you want an eased edge, or a full bevel? Is a natural oil finish preferable to urethane and aluminum oxide? Do you want a natural wood tone, a dark stain, or a gray? By the way, if gray is what you want, then the Snowbrush option in the Lake & Shore collection is perfection!

Here are the other advantages of Paradiso Hardwood:

  • Good eco-credentials: All Paradiso hardwood floors come from sustainable forests and are either no or low-VOC products.
  • Top-end finishes: Paradiso’s hardwood comes with either an elegant natural oil finish or an extra-strong urethane and aluminum oxide finish.
  • Water-resistant finish: Paradiso’s engineered hardwood flooring will withstand a few splashes and can be installed in bathrooms – but see our note below.
  • Moldings: Attention to detail is everything when it comes to creating a luxury look, so you’ll be happy to know that Paradiso offer coordinating moldings for a beautiful installation.
  • Several installation options: Each collection has its own installation method (often more than one option); check with your retailer for the Paradiso hardwood collection that has an installation method that suits your subfloor/ home.
  • Fairly easy maintenance: Paradiso’s engineered hardwood flooring is as easy to keep clean as most other floors. However, do note that refinishing is part of the maintenance requirements for the collections with the natural oil finish.
  • Very Good warranty: All the Paradiso hardwood floors have a limited lifetime residential warranty; however, those collections with the natural oil finish also stipulate a 3-year warranty for the finish.

Disadvantages of Paradiso Hardwood:

  • Refinishing: This is a half-negative, if you don’t like the idea of having to refinish your floors every 3 to 5 years, then do not choose the Paradiso collections that have natural oil finish; instead choose from the collections that have the urethane + aluminum oxide finish that should last longer before they need refinishing.
  • Not 100% waterproof: Unless made with a specific waterproof core, like the engineered hardwood at Proximity Mills, most standard engineered hardwood will be fine if you take care of spills and splashes quickly and efficiently. But it is not completely waterproof; this not the best flooring choice for a kid’s bathroom!


Paradiso’s engineered hardwood range retails between $11-$15 per square foot depending on collection and retailer. This is in line with most luxury hardwood flooring brands.

Here’s a price comparison with similar products from other brands:

Brand Material cost per square foot
Newton Hardwood $4 – $7
Proximity Mills Hardwood  $6 – $10
Paradiso Hardwood $11 – $15


Paradiso have a useful store locator on their website where you can find your nearest retailer.

As mentioned earlier, Paradiso is part of the Proximity Mills family of flooring brands, along with Newton and Doma.

As such the group have a shared approach to several aspects of their business, one of which is the fact they retail via independent flooring stores only. So, you will not find Paradiso in any of the national chain stores or big box stores.

The main advantage of this approach, both for Paradiso and for you the customer, is that independent flooring stores have a vested interest in knowing their products inside and out so that they can offer you excellent advice tailored to your needs.


Who doesn’t like a bit of luxury? We at Home Flooring Pros not only like the elegance and style of the Paradiso product lines, but also the fact that they haven’t attached huge price tags to their flooring.

This is a good brand to find the outstanding flooring that will complete your home. Here are the main things we like about Paradiso:

  • Beautiful flooring, with attention to detail.
  • So many elegant carpets!
  • Prices that are not astronomical.
  • High quality specs: a variety of carpet fibers to suit different purposes, and well-chosen top-end engineered hardwood finishes.

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