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Newton Flooring Report – In a Nutshell

All Newton flooring retails between $2 to $7 per Square Foot

Newton is part of the Proximity Mills family of flooring brands, and shares many of the same core values. They offer quality flooring that is safe for your home, with an emphasis on affordability, durability and global appeal. Choose from multiple collections in four different flooring types: vinyl, laminate, hardwood and carpet.

February 13, 2023, by: Greca Fotopoulos

Newton Flooring distinguishes itself from other brands by exclusively offering the best quality, stylish flooring at the most affordable price points. As they say: “We don’t think quality flooring should be limited to those who can afford it. We got tired of seeing people settle for second-rate floors just because of their budget, so we decided to do something about it.”

newton flooring
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Newton currently offers laminate, engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl plank and carpet collections retailing for as little as $2 per square foot, and never more than $7 per square foot.

Here’s a quick visual to give you an idea, compared to current market prices, per square foot.

NEWTON Average Flooring Prices
Laminate $3 – $5 $0.70 – $5
Engineered Hardwood $4 – $7 $3 – $16
Luxury Vinyl Plank (SPC) $2 – $6 $2 – $12
Carpet $2 – $4 $1  -$20

And we can confirm that, even at those prices, Newton floors are not second-rate at all.

Newton has young families, first time home buyers, and budding home renovators in mind with all four of their product lines.  There is a fresh, contemporary aesthetic throughout that that can serve as a backdrop for any home décor style.

All in all, Newton offers a lot of value for money, which is exactly what is needed for discerning customers that need to balance budget, beauty, and comfort.

Now, let’s have a closer look at all four of Newton’s product lines:


Whilst the overall theme at Newton is value for money, you can rest assured that you won’t be short-changed in terms of style!

The Newton luxury vinyl plank line contains 9 attractive collections, with each collection having several different color options to provide maximum choice and offering on-trend wide planks of 7” or 9”. However, the range currently only features wood-look aesthetics, so if you’re looking for a faux-stone or cement vinyl floor then, at least for now, you won’t find it here.

However, the wood-look options that they offer have great detailing and plenty of character. Most are classic in looks, but we particularly like the more unusual options such as the charming, whitewashed Eskimo option in the Antiques collection; the rustic and rugged Mystic collection, available in both tan and gray tones; and the startling monochromatic gray and white tones of the Pembroke collection in the Aurora option.

Another nice touch—that is sometimes missing in budget LVP ranges—is that Newton offers matching moldings for all its LVP floors; it’s those little extra details that sets apart a great looking floor installation.

Here are the other key advantages of Newton Luxury Vinyl Plank:

  • Very good wear layer: A decent wear layer is the one thing to look out for with any luxury vinyl flooring. Thankfully, Newton have not skimped in this area; almost all their LVP floors have very good wear layers of between 12 – 20 mil. There are two collections with an 8 mil wear layer, which would be best suited to low-traffic rooms.
  • Completely waterproof and mold-resistant: Newton have also opted for the best possible luxury vinyl composition, using the stone-plastic composite (SPC) core method, which means all their LVP is completely waterproof.
  • Durable: In the world of resilient vinyl flooring, there’s nothing stronger than the SPC composition. It is very durable, dent and scratch resistant and mold-resistant too!
  • Easy installation: Newton luxury vinyl plank is installed as a floating floor, which is not too tricky to do if you are a proficient DIYer; they can also be installed in any room of your house – even the bathroom.
  • Easy cleaning: One of the biggest advantages for family homes is that LVP is so easy to maintain; just sweep or vacuum and damp mop from time to time.
  • Good eco-credentials: Newton’s entire luxury vinyl plank range is certified as either low or no VOCs.
  • Excellent warranty: Newton LVP flooring comes with a lifetime limited warranty, and a 10-year light commercial warranties. Considering this is a low-cost range, this is really very good.
  • Affordable: Newton offer all these great features on their vinyl flooring from as little as $2 per square foot!

Disadvantages of Newton Luxury Vinyl Plank:

  • No stone-look options: There are currently no stone-look options in the Newton LVP range, but this may change in the future.
  • Underlayment required (sometimes): Depending on your subfloor and room humidity, you may need to add an underlayment before you install Newton LVP: we recommend you ask your retailer for advice according to your needs. Read more about underlayment for vinyl flooring.


Newton LVP is currently retailing between $2-$6 per square foot, which is extremely competitive! You get so many great features with this luxury vinyl brand, that it should definitely be on your list to check out!


Whilst the Newton LVP range offers excellent graphics for their realistic wood-look vinyl flooring, you may want to also check out their actual wood flooring which has a lot going for it.

The Newton engineered hardwood flooring range boasts 9 collections, featuring beautiful domestic wood veneers such as red oak, birch, hickory, and maple.  The overall aesthetic is contemporary classic – with lots of choices in colors and styles.

Some of the collections that we really like are Fairfield Point, a characterful red oak which comes in several shades and widths, including increasingly popular narrow planks at 3”; the weathered and whitewashed options in the Coastal Wood collection—ideal for a relaxed, beach-vibe décor; and the country chic of the Woodlands collection, the Real Brown color option is deliciously chocolatey!

These are the other advantages of Newton Hardwood:

  • Water-resistant finish: Newton’s engineered wood veneers are finished with the industry gold standard—a water resistant urethane and aluminum oxide topcoat.
  • Contemporary look: All Newton hardwood flooring has a micro bevel edge, that gives the finished floor a sleek, modern look.
  • Moldings: Each of the collections has either matching or coordinating moldings for a professional looking installation.
  • Installation options: depending on your subfloor and room, these engineered floors can be installed using floating, glue down, or nail down method. Your local retailer will be able to advise you exactly which method to use.
  • Easy maintenance: Newton’s engineered hardwood flooring is easy to clean and can be refinished.
  • Good eco-credentials: All Newton hardwood floors are certified as either no or low-VOC products.
  • Decent warranty: Given that Newton’s hardwood is not designed to be top of the range, they are still offering a very decent 15-year residential and 10-year commercial warranty.
  • Very Affordable: Newton can keep their prices low by having a very efficient manufacturing process, so their prices start from as little as $4 per square foot.

Disadvantages of Newton Hardwood:

  • Limited longevity: Newton’s engineered hardwood is a very good product for the price, but there’s a reason they only offer a 15-year residential warranty. If you need budget-friendly flooring that will really stand up to high traffic, wear and tear, then have a look at Newton’s LVP or laminate ranges.
  • Not 100% waterproof: Engineered hardwood can be installed anywhere in your home – even in bathrooms and basements – but be aware that they are water resistant NOT waterproof. If you’ve got kids who like to have a splashy bath, we recommend LVP or porcelain tile instead!

Read more on the best waterproof flooring for a basement.


Newton’s hardwood range retails between $4-$7 per square foot depending on collection and retailer. Whilst it is in the lower budget end for engineered hardwood (where some brands retail for up to $16 per square foot), it arguably offers great value for money for beautiful looking, real wood flooring.


We think that the laminate product line is where Newton really shines!

Not only are their laminate floors affordable (starting from $3 per square foot) but every single one of the 11 collections are just gorgeous to look at! What’s more, all the Newton laminate floors have an added texture layer, so they both look and feel authentic.

Some of our favorites are the Coronado faux-concrete collection, in both light and dark gray, with its distinctive cement mottling; the wonderfully detailed Prescott collection, which features beautifully distinct wood grain graphics; and the Helena collection that mimics chevron pattern oak parquet—so very chic!

The overall aesthetic of the laminate range is contemporary and on-trend, but not overly so: none of these floors is going out of fashion anytime soon. The team at Newton have been very careful to find just that right balance, so that your investment will go a long way.

Here are the other key advantages of Newton Laminate:

  • Durable: All but one Newton laminate floor collection has been rated AC4 for the melamine + aluminum oxide wear layer. This is usually reserved for commercial grade flooring! It is very strong and performs very well in high traffic areas – perfect for busy families, and pet households! (By the way, the remaining collection is rated AC3, which is usually the highest level for residential flooring.)
  • Waterproof or Water-resistant: Depending on the collection, Newton laminate flooring is either 100% waterproof for up to 24 hours, or water-resistant. Your flooring retailer will advise whether your choice is suitable for bathrooms or not.
  • Safe: Newton laminate floors are safe for your home, certified no VOCs and no formaldehyde.
  • Easy installation: As Newton laminate is installed as a floating floor; with good preparation and careful application, it’s a job that can be done by confident DIYers.
  • Excellent Warranty: Newton have really invested decent specs into their laminate flooring, which is why they can confidently offer either a limited lifetime or 20-year residential warranty, depending on the collection.

The biggest disadvantage of Newton Laminate is:

  • Wood-look heavy: This is only a half-complaint; 10 of the Newton laminate collections are wood-look and then there’s one faux-cement collection. We think this Newton product line has been so well chosen, each with gorgeous graphics and realistic texture, so we’d love to see them offer some stone-look options too.


Newton laminate flooring is currently retailing between $3-$5 per square foot. This is a standard market price for good quality laminate flooring.

We at Home Flooring Pros think that the combination of excellent wear layer, realistic textures and fantastic graphics makes Newton laminate flooring a real contender, and worth the price. Read more on the cost to install laminate flooring.


As mentioned above Newton aim to offer everyone great quality flooring at a budget friendly price, and so they round out their hard surface product line with a well-considered carpet range.

Currently offering a total of 18 collections, mostly in casual and neutral styles, the Newton carpet range is a great choice for families that want that added comfort underfoot in the bedroom, playroom or nursery.

What’s also interesting with Newton carpet is that 3 of the collections (Bayview, Belmont and Scottsdale) offer different tufting options in each of the color ways; this means you can have the exact same look but in a hard-wearing short loop pile in the hallway, and then a cozier, deeper pile in the living room.

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Here are the other key advantages of Newton Carpet:

  • Good variety of styles: The Newton collections offer something for every taste, including cut pile, cut & loop, twist – frieze, looped and tip sheared carpets.
  • 6 Nylon or Polyester: Newton’s promise to offer good quality starts and finishes with its excellent choice of carpet fibers: 6.6 nylon is known for being durable and dent-resistant, whilst solution-dyed polyester is stain-resistant and non-absorbent. Both excellent choices for busy homes!
  • Solution-dyed: Most of the Newton carpets are solution-dyed which means the color is completely integrated into the fiber and makes it fade resistant.
  • Safe: Newton carpets are safe for your family, with low-VOC certification.
  • Very affordable: Newton carpets retail at extremely attractive prices, between $2-$4 per square foot.
  • Excellent warranty: Depending on the collection, Newton offers either 10-year, 20-year, or limited lifetime warranties; the latter is almost unheard of in the carpet industry!

What are the disadvantages of Newton Carpet?

  • Pro Installation: Whilst Newton carpet is very competitively priced, you will likely need a pro to install it. Get the best possibly quote for pro installation by shopping around and be sure to check references to ensure quality work. A well-fitted carpet—no matter how little it costs—will look great and last a long time.
  • Neutral design: Newton carpets are great as a neutral background that will go with any décor. If you want something a bit more adventurous, and can afford a slightly higher budget, then check out the carpets at Doma which start at $4 per square foot.


Keeping to their ethos of offering “perfectly designed flooring at a fraction of the cost”, Newton carpets retail between $2-$4 per square foot.

This is a budget carpet range, but with the kind of durability, stain resistance and style you’d expect from a mid-range brand. If you’re just starting out as a young family or renovating on your first fixer-upper for profit, then Newton is the carpet brand for you.


Just as Newton are committed to providing great flooring that anyone can afford, they also want to support local, family-run businesses. Like its sister brands, Newton chooses to retail their affordable flooring exclusively through independent flooring stores.

This is a clever decision, as Newton can position itself as a genuine quality alternative to the low-cost generic brands that are available in the big box stores, whilst also ensuring the kind of customer orientated service that define family-run stores.

To find the location of your nearest Newton stockiest, there’s a handy store locator on the Newton website.

And before you go straight to the store, you can also make use of their streamlined Floor Visualizer to get a sense of which Newton floor works best for your project.


At Home Flooring Pros we are always on the look-out for quality, affordable flooring, and Newton ticks all the boxes. Here’s what Newton has going for it:

  • Commitment to offering quality flooring products at a very affordable price
  • Good looking collections across all product lines, especially laminate
  • A fresh aesthetic, perfect for a first investment in flooring
  • Safe flooring for your home and family
  • Good technical specs and base material choices, particularly in the wear layers on the hard surface product lines
  • Very good warranties


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