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January 30, 2023, by: Greca Fotopoulos

Mohawk offers 3 collections of laminate wood flooring – RevWood, RevWood Select, and RevWood Plus. You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for function with these laminate floors. Available in all the latest colors and styles, you’re sure to find the perfect look for your home.

In our Mohawk laminate flooring report we cover every aspect of the RevWood laminate range, staying focused on the information buyers need to make an informed purchasing decision.

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Mohawk Industries is an American flooring manufacturer based in Georgia. It is one of the largest flooring companies in North America.

One of the top reasons for choosing Mohawk flooring is the wide selection of colors and styles available. From light to dark, classic to trendy, and everything in between.

Mohawk Industries began in the 1870s as a carpet manufacturer and has experienced remarkable growth. Click here for our Mohawk carpet review. Today, Mohawk is an umbrella corporation for many brands, some of which Mohawk developed and others it has bought over the last quarter century. As well as their own laminate brands they also own the Pergo and Quick-Step laminate brands.

The company is publicly owned and has 40,000+ employees. Mohawk brands are sold by 25,000 retailers worldwide.

In addition to laminate, Mohawk produces solid wood, engineered wood, laminate, vinyl, and ceramic tile flooring. Mohawk laminate flooring products are all manufactured in the United States.


Mohawk offers a vast array of choices throughout their three collections of laminate flooring – RevWood, RevWood Select, and RevWood Plus.

The RevWood Collection

The RevWood Collection is the largest of the three, offering over 100 choices. There are 13 woods to choose from, 4 different plank widths, and smooth, textured or embossed finishes.

For instance, the Havermill line features Maple in eleven different color choices, from the light tone of Honey Blonde to the dark brown of Havana Hickory.

The planks are available in a 5.25 inch width and randomly embossed. They are textured to create a deep grain and hand scraped effect which adds contrast and character.

The Carrolton line features the look of teak in 15 shades, from a light gray to deep brown. This line offers embossing and texturing with planks 7.5 inches wide.

The Artfully Designed line features Oak in four light shades of grays and browns with a saw cut texture.

A number of the lines are available with GenuEdge, Uniclic, and Scratchgard (see below).

RevWood Plus

RevWood Plus is Mohawk’s top of the line laminate flooring collection and nicely mimics the look of real hardwood.

Along with the benefits of RevWood, RevWood Plus is waterproof due to the Hydroseal technology. The planks are 12mm thick, the thickest planks within the three collections.

The RevWood Plus Collection offers 27 choices in 6 lines with plank widths at 6, 7.5 or 9.44 inches.

Colors range from the very light bleached wood tone of Buff in the Southbury line to the medium brown of Briarwood Oak in the Crest Haven line, to the rich dark brown of Buckthorn Pine in the Western Ridge line. All of the lines are embossed in register and many feature the hand scraped texture.

The RevWood Plus Collection is a good choice for anywhere in the home including bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and basements.

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The RevWood Select Collection

The RevWood Select Collection is the smallest, offering 23 choices in three lines, all with 7.5 inch wide planks.

The colors range from the almost white of Gulf Sand in the Boardwalk line, to the medium brown of Cedar Chestnut in the Rare Vintage line, to the dark brown of Worn Leather in the Woodcreek line.

All are embossed in register and feature Uniclic technology.

Both the RevWood and RevWood Select collections are ideal for areas with general traffic such as bedrooms, dens, living, and dining rooms.


Mohawk laminate flooring is produced with eco-friendly techniques, but it is not recyclable. The company uses sustainably grown southern yellow pine in its laminate flooring core.

Mohawk also uses pre-consumer recycled material, a move it estimates diverts thousands of tons of waste from landfills on the front end. Since laminate can’t be recycled, most ends up in landfills when removed.

Additionally, Mohawk laminates are FloorScore Certified. The FloorScore certification system was developed to test for volatile organic compounds emissions and to certify that the products meet healthy standards for indoor air quality.


The RevWood Collections costs are cheap compared to hardwood. Mohawk laminate floor is moderately priced or, mid-range, within the laminate flooring market.

Laminates typically cost between $1 and $5 per square foot with Mohawk generally in the $1.75 to $4 range.

Laminate floors are made in various thicknesses, usually between 5mm and 15mm. In general, the thicker the plank, the higher the cost.

Most RevWood and RevWood Select planks are generally 7mm thick, with the RevWood Plus Collection featuring 12mm thick planking.

Technology can also affect the cost. Hydroseal, the waterproofing technology is available with the RevWood Plus Collection.

The RevWood Collection costs between $1.90 and $2.00 per square foot making it the most affordable. RevWood Select is in the middle, and costs between $2.25 and $3.00 per square foot.

RevWood Plus runs between $2.50 and $3.50 per square foot making this the most expensive, but most durable, collection. These costs include the product only; there will be additional costs for installation and supplies.

Overall, Mohawk’s middle of the road pricing suggests a decent value for a decent product.


Shaw Floors laminates is in the top mid range price bracket for laminate flooring. Here’s a look at how Shaw’s flooring cost compares to other brands:

TrafficMaster Laminate $0.75 – $1.50
Pergo Portfolio $0.83 – $2.58
LifeProof $2.00 – $2.50
Home Decorators Collection $1.55 – $2.65
Lambton $1.75 – $2.65
Mohawk RevWood $1.90 – $3.50
Montserrat $1.99 – $2.45
Pergo XP $1.99 – $2.99
Islander $2.45 – $2.60
Shaw Laminate $2.50 – $3.50
Pergo TimberCraft $2.50 – $2.99
Quick-Step Laminate $2.50 – $5.00
Pergo Outlast+ $2.65 – $2.79
Mannington $3.50 – $3.99
ECOfusion Flooring $4.40 – $6.15


Mohawk uses a range of techniques that improve the flooring’s appearance and performance.


Mohawk’s GenuEdge technology “features the most realistic hardwood looks ever seen in laminate flooring,” according to Mohawk, but of course, that’s for you to decide as you compare its laminate to other brands you’re considering.

Mohawk developed its own process that wraps the photographic paper over the edges of the laminate plank creating the look of a true hardwood edge. GenuEdge is available in all three Mohawk laminate flooring collections.


Uniclic is a system in which laminate planks fit together without glue to form a floating floor.  This results in a tight fit with constant tension.

The fit is so tight that moisture is prevented from seeping below the surface and causing water damage to the flooring and subfloor beneath. This give you more time to remove spills before causing damage.

Uniclic is available for all of Mohawk’s laminate flooring collections. Another benefit is that the design makes installation easy and successful for DIY homeowners.


Hydroseal is available in the RevWood Plus Collection. The perimeter of each plank is coated with Hydroseal to further protect the floor.

The unique coating repels water, so planks resist swelling from moisture thus making RevWood Plus truly waterproof.

All Pet Plus Protection

This is Mohawk’s pet-friendly protection system. Mohawk says, “It covers all pets, all accidents, all the time, plus scratch protection.”


Laminate flooring pairs the beauty of natural wood with easy maintenance and will provide years of performance if you adhere to some basic guidelines.

Here are some of Mohawk’s care recommendations:

Use a dust mop, soft bristle broom, or vacuum with suction only (do not use a beater bar) to remove dust and debris on a regular basis. Spray cleaning products onto a mop rather than directly onto the floor.

Use a cotton, terrycloth or microfiber mop. Avoid wet mop cleaning. Mohawk carries a line of cleaning products called FloorCare Essentials.

Carefully remove stubborn stains like paint, oil, tar, or markers with acetone based fingernail polish remover.  Use ice to harden and remove substances like wax or chewing gum. Wipe up spills and spots as soon as possible.

Invest in high quality floor mats at entry ways and protective pads under heavy furniture legs. Also placing mats in high traffic areas, like in front of sinks and the stove, is an effective way to reduce wear.

Avoid wax, polish, detergents, shine enhancers, and varnish. Steam and power cleaners should also be avoided. You can wet mop the RevWood Plus collection since it’s a water resistant laminate.

RevWood and RevWood Select should not be wet mopped as they are only water resistant.


The longevity of your Mohawk laminate floors depends on how carefully you maintain them. It’s worth spending some time browsing the Mohawk Warranty brochure before making the purchase.

Mohawk boasts a Lifetime Limited Warranty but the warranty actually provides 100% coverage for the first 6 years. Years 7-10 are prorated at 90%. Coverage drops by 10% per year for years 11-16, and further dropping by 5% per year until year 20, where it remains at 10%.

If you plan to make a warranty claim, Mohawk requires that you:

Care for the floor in accordance with Mohawk’s written maintenance instructions.

Keep the floors free of moisture and shaded from excessive direct sunlight.

Keep the original invoice from your retailer.

You will need to contact your place of purchase to begin the claim process.


Mohawk products are available at flooring centers across North America. We recommend browsing Mohawk laminate on the Mohawk website.

You’ll find detailed photos and information on all three of their RevWood collections, as well as warranty information, care guidelines and style tips.


The customer reviews are mostly positive for the RevWood Plus Collection but are mixed for RevWood and RevWood Select. With these collections, the biggest negative is that the floors can bubble or buckle if liquid is allowed to stand on them. There also are some issues with the Uniclic system being more difficult to install than suggested.

“I had RevWood Plus installed throughout our apartment 7 months ago. It looks amazing and it’s surprisingly very quiet. I use a damp mop about once a week, sweeping with a dry broom as needed, and the mopping hasn’t caused any problems.”

“My sister used cheap laminate in her home, not Mohawk, and the bubbles and warping from tiny spills is ridiculous. I went with RevWood Plus after her experience, and haven’t had any issues. It’s been down over a year and looks very good.

“Choosing the standard RevWood was a mistake since I have kids and an old dog with a weak bladder. I read reviews warning about water damage, and now I’m experiencing it firsthand. Go waterproof. I should have.”

“Two of us, decent DIYers, spent 11 hours installing 300 square feet of Mohawk RevWood Select with Uniclic. It took a while for us to get the hang of it, but went OK after an hour or so. A little tougher than expected.

Two boxes had boards with an edge that was clearly uneven. Wouldn’t fit together right. Took them back and exchanged it. I was told Mohawk occasionally has production issues milling the planks, so check for defects!”


RevWood flooring adds sophisticated wood style without breaking the bank and it’s easy to install and easy to clean. RevWood flooring is made to withstand real life, making it a perfect choice for an active household.

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