Homes for Heroes Helping America’s Bravest to Purchase & Renovate

This post was contributed by Chrissy Dunn on behalf of Homes for Heroes

Whether your home features beautiful hardwood flooring, dazzling slate or fantastically soft carpet, flooring tends to be something that every visitor to your home notices and pays attention to. Having good quality, sturdy flooring is part of the overall makeup of a healthy home and, according to a 2010 study by Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, mental health is improved by a positive home environment; both in terms of upkeep and cleanliness.

When purchasing a new home, something we all look at is whether or not to keep the existing flooring and the cost associated with replacing it. And sometimes the existing flooring in your home just can’t be salvaged and it is time for a complete replacement.The up-front cost can be especially tough for our country’s veterans and heroes who may be living on a fixed income and are having a tough time making ends meet. Fortunately, there are organizations such as Homes for Heroes that work exclusively with American heroes to reduce the financial burdens when it comes to purchasing a new home and the associated costs that come along with it.

Homes for Heroes

Set up in response to the incredible sacrifices made my public servants during 9/11, Homes for Heroes honors America’s finest by providing a cash incentive for those heroes to sell, buy or rent property through their network of affiliates. Their primary focus is the Heroes Rewards program, which offers significant savings to firefighters, law enforcement, medical professionals, military and teachers who are making a home sale, purchase or even refinancing their existing home.

According to MarketWatch, renovations can cost up to $20,000. As a result, hero savings are absolutely crucial, and allow heroes to undertake renovations on their property to make it feel like home. Given the time spent out of the house and the sacrifice these heroes make, it goes without saying how important a welcoming home is.

Taking advantage of the network

When a hero approaches Homes for Heroes, they’re not restricted to just one affiliate in the network. This means they’re not restricted to just using the Hero Rewards program to sell or buy a property; Homes for Heroes allows you to use any number of affiliates for every part of the home sale process.

Supporting Heroes Rewards is Local Deals which pulls together everything from life insurance to outdoors and wilderness attire online orders.The aim is to give a few more dollars back from every transaction that a Hero is participating in. This ties in with the general theme of Homes for Heroes – making life that little bit better in an act of respect to the heroes that form the bedrock of the United States.

The Foundation

For some heroes, it can be challenging to find the basic funds to purchase a home – let alone make some savings. The Guardian US reported last year that many educators live in poverty, meaning they were sleeping in cars and taking on second and third jobs. For those heroes that simply don’t have the salary to compensate the sacrifices they make every single day, The Foundation has provided grants and sustenance to make life easier – no strings attached.So far this has added up to over $400,000 in cash gifts to our nation’s heroes.

The Heroes that work tirelessly without thanks are in every society across the USA. Providing medical services, public safety, education and law enforcement, they make sure Americans feel looked after. Now, it’s America’s turn to look after them; and Homes for Heroes are offering inspiration to everyone.

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