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Floor Trends

We’ve been heartened to see the popularity of our blog posts outlining the various home flooring trends of the moment. We even had an email the other day asking us to put them all together in one place for easy reference…so here they are! If there’s a home flooring trend that we haven’t covered, or if you think we’ve overlooked something, then please let us know in the comments section at the end of this article. We update our articles on a regular basis and really appreciate hearing your views.

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Hardwood Floor Color TrendsWood floors are still, far and away, the most popular flooring choice for homeowners who can afford them and, in the race to offer something truly unique and eye-catching, manufacturers and suppliers of both solid and engineered hardwood flooring are producing products in an array of colors with endless hues and tones. While the many shades of brown still come top for color popularity this is by no means the full story. Learn more on the current color trends from brown to beige and from whites & greys to reds & blacks!

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Popular Wood Flooring Trends – And when you’ve finally decided what color you want your wood floor in hop on over to our hardwood flooring trends article to discover the dizzying array of styles available. Again individuality is key here, exotic hardwoods are hot right now as are vintage styles. Wide planks, hand scrapped, distressed and reclaimed timber are all very popular. And for ease of installation, durability and price you will discover that engineered hardwood is stealing a march on solid wood flooring. And of course for going green read about the move towards cork and bamboo.


Carpet Trends – Carpets and rugs are featuring heavily in the minds of interior designers these days. This is helped in part by the fantastic range of carpet patterns and designs which have blossomed immeasurably over the last decade. Gone are the days of choosing a carpet that just blended in with your other decor, now carpets and rugs are setting the pace and often stealing the limelight as the focal point for a room. Learn more about the flooring trend towards bold colors, patterned carpet, Eco-friendly carpeting and why beige is back!


Parquet Wood Flooring – Keeping with the theme of individuality, our article on parquet floors points up again how the use of patterned wood floors can really bring a room to life in a way that traditional wood planks can’t. The use of parquet flooring is nothing new but the way it is being reintroduced back into homes today certainly is. Read our Parquet trends article to learn about how traditional parquet patterns are being given a twist, how wooden inlays and medallions are making a come back and what the cutting edge designers are bring to the world of parquet. Truly inspiring.

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Flooring Patterns –  Our articles on carpet and parquet trends inspired us to take a closer look at the current popularity for patterned floors across a range of flooring. These days it’s not so important what kind of floor you put down, even vinyl and linoleum are popular again, but that it makes a design statement; and the easiest way to do that is with a pattern. Learn more about tile patterns including the popularity of Mexican and Moroccan tiles, wood floor patterns, including DIY stenciling and how luxury vinyl tiles and companies like Forbo are breathing life back into vinyl and Linoleum flooring.

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Let us know what other flooring trend articles you’d like to see and keep coming back to check out all our future articles, details of which we will update here.

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