Flooring Trends – The Most Popular Flooring in New Homes

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In this article we’re going to look at which flooring materials are trending, what features buyers are looking for, the best looks and colors to opt for, and which patterns and textures you need to consider ensuring your home flooring both suits your style and is up to date.

If you’re starting the awesome challenge of remodeling your home flooring, but are feeling a little overwhelmed with all the choice, then we don’t blame you! The flooring industry is awash with so many interesting and beautiful flooring choices. Let’s get you started by looking at this years flooring trends to get a sense of what is hot right now.
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  • Luxury vinyl – aka, engineered vinyl plank
  • Ceramic and porcelain Tiles
  • Laminate
  • Engineered Hardwood
  • Carpet

More and more homeowners are looking for flooring that is easy to maintain and durable, which is why hard flooring surfaces such as vinyl, tile, engineered hardwood and laminate are trending.

Vinyl is by far the biggest current trend in the flooring industry. Advances in manufacturing methods and digital photography mean that today’s luxury vinyl planks and tiles are affordable and almost indistinguishable from traditional floors such as hardwoods and natural stone. In short, you can get all the best looks, often for a fraction of the price.

Engineered Vinyl Plank (EVP) flooring comes in two types, WPC (wood plastic composite) or SPC (stone plastic composite), and should be top of your list when choosing vinyl flooring. The manufacturing processes of this kind of vinyl flooring makes it virtually indestructible and 100% waterproof – both key factors for getting the max out of your investment and ideal for busy households.

Other top trending hard flooring surfaces are ceramic and porcelain tiles, again in high demand for being durable and waterproof; plus, as with vinyl, digital photo technology means tiles can mimic hardwoods and natural stones with increasing accuracy, both in looks and texture. Marble-look ceramic tiles are a major trend this year.

The key trend for flooring that replicates other flooring can also be seen in the rise of laminate flooring. Here, combining a digitally accurate photographic layer with a composite base means flooring that not only looks great but suits a tighter budget: something most homeowners will appreciate as inflation and living costs continue to rise.

If, however, you are fortunate enough to have a strong budget, then classic engineered hardwood remains a firm industry favorite. Many engineered hardwood manufacturers are now combining the finest real wood veneers with waterproof cores, making them suitable for installation throughout your home.

And whilst the major trend in flooring materials is in hard surfaces, carpet is still holding its own. Carpet and large area rugs are still the biggest trend for living rooms, dens and bedrooms – anywhere where you need that extra level of comfort and warmth underfoot.

We are seeing a big rise in the popularity of carpet tiles. Savvy buyers are realizing that this option gives you the possibility of replacing damaged tiles individually rather than the whole carpet – clearly a great option for a kid’s playroom!


  • Waterproof
  • Easy installation
  • Basement and Bathroom application
  • Domestic – Made in America
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe for your home

Consumers and homeowners are more mindful than ever of investing in products that are both practical and ethical. That is why we are now seeing a huge rise in interest in flooring that offers features such as being waterproof, safe for your home and the planet, and ideally made or resourced locally.

Waterproof flooring is a key flooring trend; opting for a floor that can withstand water damage makes for a better investment. The good news is that there are several different types of flooring that fit the bill, from 100% waterproof options such as porcelain tile or resilient rigid core vinyl to highly water-resistant laminates and engineered hardwoods.

Another key flooring feature trending right now is easy installation. Many homeowners are looking for ways to  stretch their budgets by opting for floors that they can install themselves and save money. That’s why many vinyl and laminate flooring manufacturers are responding by using the very latest click-lock flooring profiles that confident DIYers can install.

And, with regards to installation, another top floor trend is to have the same type of flooring through your home. This not only saves you money, but also gives your home a streamlined and unified look. This is why flooring that can be installed in any room – even bathrooms and basements – is increasingly popular.

Consumers are also looking to ensure that the flooring they choose comes from reliable (ideally renewable), eco-friendly sources – bamboo flooring leads the way in that regard, closely followed by carpet that is either 100% wool or that has been made from recycled materials. In a similar vein, home buyers want to know that their flooring is safe for their families and pets:  always check that your flooring choice is formaldehyde-free and FloorScore certified as either low or no VOCs.

Finally, there is a growing trend for flooring that is sourced and manufactured locally. Engineered hardwoods that use domestic wood veneers, such as oak, hickory or maple, are becoming the most popular hardwood flooring option in the USA for this very reason. US-based manufacturers of all types of flooring are also the most committed to exploring and developing eco-friendly flooring, using state-of-the art technology to offer innovative products.


  • Wood look flooring
  • Marble and Stone look flooring
  • Bold geometric patterns – 70s inspiration

Today’s vastly improved vinyl flooring and laminate flooring graphics can mimic any natural flooring product, so that means those top-end hardwood and stone floors looks are now much more affordable and are big trends for the foreseeable future.

Wood look flooring, either in vinyl, laminate and porcelain tile, continues to be super popular. Not only are these options more affordable, but they are often much easier to maintain and – if you take care to shop for the very best quality – can be practically indistinguishable from real solid hardwood.

Similarly, stone look flooring, is seeing a lot of interest. Marble look flooring, particularly, is a major trend this year: this chic and luxurious look used to be reserved for the richest, but now you can enjoy it in your home for fraction of the price.

Alternatively, if you’re into a bolder flooring option, then the other fantastic trend for this year are bold geometrical patterns, ideally with a nod to 70s style in greens and oranges. We’re seeing lots of vinyl and ceramic tile floors printed with interesting and unusual geometric patterns. If you don’t want your whole home covered in patterned flooring, then opt rather to use it as a feature accent in the bathroom or kitchen or via a large, patterned area rug.


  • Gray
  • Blonde or Bleached wood
  • Whitewashed wood
  • High variation and cerused wood
  • Black and white tiles

The main color trends for hard surface flooring are either light colored neutrals such as gray or blonde, or bolder monochromatic or variated tones, depending on the overall style you’re going for.

If, like many, you’ve fallen for the gray flooring trend, then rest assured this color trend is here to stay! In fact, gray has become a top choice for many decorators, using it as a more interesting neutral background color as it goes with just about every other color and can be adapted to lots of different decor styles. Gray stained hardwood flooring and gray toned wood-look options continue to be key trends this year.

However, if you’re looking to emulate the Nordic/ Scandinavian pared back, natural look that remains on trend, then opt for either blonde or bleached light wood flooring.  Another trend that continues to dominate many home interiors is the transitional country farmhouse style: whitewashed wood flooring is ideal for this look as it gives the impression of aged wood and compliments a relaxed style.

For those who want to go big on the rustic look, then flooring that comes in high tonal variations – either in wood look or stone look – are also being featured by interior designers this year. This is a bold choice, however, and perhaps not the best one for anyone looking for flooring that has a universal appeal.

If you like the idea of high variation, but worry it’s a bit too strong a look, then a toned-down version that is also trending is cerused wood. Also known as “liming” this is where the wood grain is picked out in a different tone to the rest of the wood, giving an added, yet subtle, contrast.

Another very bold and poplar choice – especially for bathrooms and kitchens – is black and white tile flooring. This is, of course, a retro look; but the standard checkerboard flooring can be updated for today’s style by using smaller mosaic tiles or black and white geometric patterns.


  • Herringbone and Chevron
  • Wide planks
  • Checkered floors
  • Staggered or “trickle” flooring transitions

As well as choosing a trending color, you might want to think about the most popular flooring layouts right now; that added attention to detail can sometimes make all the difference.

This is particularly true if you opt for your flooring to be laid out in herringbone or chevron pattern. These two parquet flooring patterns have been top in flooring trends for several years, and continue to do so. They give even the most average wood planks or ceramic tiles and added dimension of interest, without being overly dominant in a room.

Another favorite that shows no sign of diminishing, is to choose wide wood floor planks – ideally, as wide as possible. Wide planks give your flooring a streamlined look, making it seem bigger and less cluttered.

Some interior designers are predicting a ride in the retro checkered floor look. We’re not so convinced and think this look will date really quickly, so probably one trend that you should avoid.

One trend that does seem to be staying the course, is the staggered flooring transition. Also known as a trickle transition, this is where you don’t add a transition strip between different types of flooring (for example hardwood planks and ceramic tiles), but rather stagger one type into the other. It’s a highly contemporary look, and ideal if you want to be at the cutting edge of interior design.


  • Rustic and distressed
  • Smooth
  • Texture and frieze carpets
  • Cut and loop carpets

Another essential element to consider is what kind of flooring texture you want.

There are basically two opposing camps when it comes to the hardwood flooring textures that are trending.

On the one hand there is the rustic wood look and distressed texture, that matches up well with industrial loft inspired interiors as well as relaxed country chic décor. Look for hardwood planks that have been hand scrapped or wire-brushed, and those that have lots of character details such as knots and saw marks.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more minimalist or transitional interior design then going for planks that have a smooth texture offer a quieter backdrop, where the rest of the décor takes center stage.

As far as carpets are concerned, this year the trend is to go for lots of texture. Homeowners want to use carpet as a way of creating a cozy, welcome cocoon away from the hustle of daily life. Choosing frieze or twist carpets that are similar to shag rugs, or cut and loop pattern carpets for a more formal look.

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