What Should Be Included on a Flooring Installation Price Quote

Here at Home Flooring Pros you will find in depth guides on all the major flooring options available for your home. And whether you are looking to install cork flooring, Linoleum flooring or prefer carpets and rugs throughout your home you will find price guides  in each section to give you some idea of what it may cost to install your floor of choice.

For example in our Laminate Flooring Price Guide we explain that the average cost for your laminate product will range from $2.40-$4 per square foot and if you are planning on having it installed by professionals you should factor in another $3 per square foot.

This information is useful in helping you calculate a ballpark figure for your new flooring, but when it comes time to hire a contractor to install your floor you will need to delve much deeper to get an exact price. So, let’s take a look at some of the things you should expect to be included on your floor installation price quote and why a fully detailed quote is so important.

Written Flooring Quotes Are Binding Contracts

If a flooring contractor or installer gives you a written quote, to which you subsequently agree, that quote then becomes the binding contract under which the terms of the installation work will be carried out. That is why it is so important, for both parties, that any quote covers all and every eventuality.

Vague quotes, which do not detail all the work that needs doing, can quite possibly lead to disagreements and in extreme cases legal action at a later date. So apart from the cost of your flooring and the basic installation what else should you be looking for on your installation quote?

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  • Existing Flooring – Is removal and disposal of your current floor included in the quote? Read our in-depth guide to carpet removal.
  • Preparation – There are a number of possible sub-floor costs that need to be factored in before your new floor is installed. Will the sub floor need to be replaced or fixed in any way? Will your new floor need sound-proofing, a moisture barrier or underlay of any description? All products should be accounted for on the quote.
  • Floors of Adjoining Rooms – Has the difference in floor height from one room to another been taken into account? Will a new floor need to be built up to match the height of an adjoining room?
  • Doors and Furniture – Who is responsible for moving, re-positioning/re-hanging furniture, appliances and doors?
  • Materials – Apart from the actual flooring what other materials will the contractor be supplying? These materials should be broken down, including sales tax.
  • Square Footage – Are they basing their material costs on actual square footage and if so are they factoring in overage? If they are including overage then will they leave any extra unused materials for you at the end of the job? Think spare tiles or slats for repairs etc.
  • Moldings – Some clients make the mistake of thinking that modelings always come included with their new floors. They are a separate element of the job and need to be discussed, chosen and factored in.
  • Finishes – If you are installing an unfinished wood floor your quote should state clearly which finishes will be applied and with which sealing and finishing products. What about the cost of sanding for unfinished wood floors?
  • Guarantees – And finally if the contractors work comes with guarantees then these should be clearly stated on the quote

Clearly not all these details will be included on every flooring quote, it will depend entirely on what your specific project, but hopefully this information will better prepare you. Click here to find out the 5 signs you hired yourself a reliable hardwood flooring contractor.

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Do you have any stories to share about flooring installation price quotes? Were there any unforeseen surprises? Please let us know using the comment section below.

 Other Online Resources for Flooring Installation

  • WFCA – The World Floor Covering Association has cost information covering all the major floor options. Look for their “Before You Buy” articles.
  • Ferma Flooring – Get some idea of the installation guidelines that hardwood flooring installers follow in this in depth pdf from Viridian the reclaimed wood lumber company.
  • Ask Rob – Rob Abbott is Operations Manager at Village Builders in Creemore, Ontario. In this article he discusses the importance of a preconstruction meeting so that everyone is on the same page.

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