FAQ’s About Hardwood Flooring in the Bathroom

Can You Put a Hardwood Floor in a Bathroom?

You can install hardwood flooring in a bathroom, but you have to take some extra precautions. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you install engineered wood flooring rather than solid hardwood. Consider a water-repellent primer for extra security.

February 22, 2023, by: Jamie Sandford

Once the kids have moved out and you want to turn your bathroom into more of a spa than just a place to complete your daily tasks, many folks consider putting hardwood flooring in.

bathroom with hardwood flooring

This usually leads to several questions about wood floors in bathrooms. Do hardwood floors mix with high humidity, splashes and drips?  Is hardwood flooring a good choice for a bathroom?  This floor buying guide provides some of the good and bad about installing hardwood flooring in a bathroom.


Do not consider solid wood flooring for most bathrooms. It might be fine in a small guest lavatory, but should not be used where a shower or bathtub will be in frequent use.

Solid hardwood flooring will absorb moisture whether it is from high humidity or water spilled onto it. The wood will swell as a result. When it dries, the wood will shrink. Further Reading: Water Damage Repair Costs

Cycles of swelling and shrinking will eventually lead to damage. The wood may curl, warp, crack, cup or crown. Adjoining pieces will pull apart from one another.

In short, moisture will destroy a solid hardwood floor sooner or later – probably sooner in bathrooms that get heavy use.


If you’re not familiar with engineered hardwood flooring, here’s a brief description. The top layer of engineered flooring, known as the wear layer, is made from the same hardwood species used in solid hardwood flooring. You’ll find white oak, red oak, maple, walnut, ash, hickory, mahogany, teak, bamboo, tigerwood, Brazilian cherry and more.

Beneath the top layer are several more layers of plywood stacked and glued so that the grains of the layers run in opposite direction. The result is a wood flooring product that is far more stable, with something home flooring pros call dimensional strength. It won’t swell with moisture nearly as much as solid hardwood flooring, so it doesn’t have the associated problems.


If you’ve been considering solid hardwood flooring, then you probably know that the installed price ranges from $6-$15, depending on which type of wood you choose. The installed engineered hardwood price is about the same — $6-$12 for most products, slightly more for some exotic wood species. If you love hardwood flooring and want to carry it all the way into the bathroom, then engineered hardwood flooring is a great choice.


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