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Fabrica Fine Flooring is a California company founded in 1974. It manufactures high-end, broadloom carpeting in wool and nylon in an incredible selection of colors and styles.

Fabrica nylon carpeting is available in 57 collections and the wool carpet is produced in 30 collections.

Fabrica is known for manufacturing premium, expensive carpeting, often in multi-tonal designs. In this Fabrica carpet overview we will take a look at their different styles and collections, pros & cons, costs, installation advice and other consumer reviews.

fabrica carpet


Fabrica manufactures two distinct types of carpet flooring, nylon carpet and wool carpet. Let’s take a look at each type and learn about the different features and style options.


All of the nylon carpets are made from 100% Stainmaster BCF nylon. There are a number of cut pile carpeting choices available in a variety of pile weights, which is the actual weight of the material in ounces per square yard.

Pile weight is synonymous with face weight. It does not include the weight of the backing. The heavier the face weight, the denser or plusher the carpet. To understand what Fabrica offers, most residential carpet has a pile weight of 30 to 60 ounces.

The Accolade Collection is very plush with a weight of 112 ounces. Choose from 72 colors, ranging from the very light White Dove to the dark brown of Ground Coffee. There are also many greens, blues and pastels in a range of hues. The Denali Collection is also cut pile carpeting in the same colors as the Accolade Collection but with a face weight of 56 ounces.

The Bangladesh Collection is an ultra-plush cut pile and loop blend. Using both types of pile produces a unique look and feel, a mesh pattern etched into the pile creating a linen-like texture. The carpeting has a 104-ounce weight. Fabrica Bangladesh carpet is available in 32 colors, primarily neutrals, but there are blue, green and purple choices too.

Angelico is a cut loop carpet collection with a subtle multicolored swirling pattern with complementary tones, in 32 color blends. The Chez Cote Collection is a textured, cut pile carpet with the look of velour. It’s available in 48 colors, ranging from light neutrals like Starlight or Champagne to the rich deep tones of Peacock Feather and Purple Passion.

The Donegal Collection is one of Fabrica’s most innovative and varied series. It has a tweed-like pattern in 30 colors. Fabrica is produced in a number of uncut loop selections, Berber styles, carpeting with cut patterns and patterns created with color combinations. This produces an incredible array of choices within the nylon carpeting line.


Fabrica’s wool line offers a wide variety of carpeting made with 100% wool. Several types are used including New Zealand wool and a product called Strong Wool using British wool.

The company’s patented method of dyeing wool for greater uniformity of color creates what it calls Permaset wool. The process also allows Fabrica to produce custom dye patterns.

The Savant Collection, a cut loop carpet with a pile weight of 81.0, is available in 32 colors including the light gray of Deblois to the dark navy of Willis, and the copper color of Lemke.

Saba features a collection of New Zealand wool carpeting with a weight of 99 ounces in a structured, geometric two-tone pattern. There are 12 colors to choose from including Sand Bluff, Wild Orchid, or Volcanic.

The Vallerio Collection, with an uncut loop creates a tone-on-tone striated rib effect that creates visual flow in the flooring. It includes 10% high luster yarns. This collection is available in 8 color choices, from light beige to deep blue and gray.

The St. Germain Collection is made using both wool (60%) and nylon (40%) which creates an interesting textured effect.  There are 24, mostly neutral, colors available.


In all our flooring reports we take a look at the positives and negatives of each flooring product.

These are the advantages

  • Fabrica offers an extensive selection of styles, patterns, textures, and colors. Most are mid-range to upscale in quality.
  • Manufactured above industry standards, in part, through use of the proprietary dyeing process and deep immersion dyeing, which guarantee better color consistency and fade resistance. They also feature a tighter twist on the fibers providing better wear.
  • All Fabrica carpeting is approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute for the Green Label Plus Carpet Testing Program which assures that their carpeting has very low VOC’s.
  • Stain and Soil Resistance lifetime warranties from Stainmaster on nylon carpeting.
  • Texture and Abrasion warranties of up to 20 years.

These are the disadvantages

  • Fabrica is a high-end, expensive carpet, but the quality is also high.
  • Fiber selection only includes nylon and wool
  • Just a 2-year  limited repair or replacement warranty against manufacturer defects – . Other companies offer up to a 10 year warranty.


Fabrica recommends professional installation of their carpeting and that the installer follow the Standard for Installation of Residential Carpets as outlined by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Professional carpet installation labor costs are fairly low at between $1 and $2 per sq.ft so it makes sense to get some quotes from local contractors before considering the DIY route.


While Fabrica is known for making premium carpet of exceptional quality, prices are on the high end as well. The average cost runs between $6.00 and $16.00 per square foot, and their premium lines cost up to $24.00 per square foot.


So if Fabrica sells expensive carpet how do their prices compare with other leading brands? Take a look at our price comparison table below:

TrafficMaster $0.65 – $3.39
Dream Weaver $1.00 – $2.50
Mohawk Smartstrand $1.99 – $3.99
Phenix Carpet $1.75 to $5.00
Mohawk Air.O $2.90 – $3.60
Lifeproof $1.52 – $7.19
Fabrica $6.00 – $16.00


Laurie from Seattle indicates that the seam in her solid colored carpet was overly obvious and made the carpet appear two-toned. She did say that an independent evaluator felt the problem was due to improper installation.

Ortiz feels that Fabrica carpet is overpriced but it is extremely nice carpeting, much nicer than other high end carpeting.

Jim from San Diego, a carpeting retailer, indicates that Fabrica makes very high quality carpeting that looks better than most other carpeting he sells. Jim recommends it to his customers looking for premium carpet and has it in his own home.

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3 thoughts on “Fabrica Carpet | Pros/Cons, Prices and Installation

  • January 17, 2022 at 12:40 pm

    We just got Fabrica carpet installed and it has been a nightmare. First, it is very difficult to install apparently. We were told the carpet store trusts only one crew to install it. We’ll, if this was the A-team, I would hate to see the work of the B-team! It was not tucked into the edges of our stairs! It was left with raw edges, reveling and loose! You could put your finger in between the carpet and the wall! An older more experienced guy came back & worked on it. They complained the whole time about how stiff it was.

    Now the biggest problem is cleaning it! Our dog decided to baptize the carpet within the first few days. I cannot get the urine up! Now we have big urine spots in numerous places!! After trying their suggestions, last resort says to have it professionally cleaned. So I will have to have it professionally cleaned every time there is an accident??? Our old Shaw carpet cleaned up easily!!!

  • June 21, 2021 at 6:41 pm

    Our whole house is carpeted in Fabrica carpet. The problem we are experiencing is the carpet has been growing and making unsightly humps in the rooms. We have been having it restretched periodically but now they tell us that it can’t be stretched anymore as the backing has gotten to stiff. Why would this be happening and what can be done about it???????

    • September 20, 2021 at 2:02 pm

      I’m no carpet expert, but I’m guessing humidity is the problem. Put a dehumidifier in the room and see if that helps.


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