DreamWeaver Carpet Review

Is DreamWeaver Carpet Any Good?

DreamWeaver Carpet Costs $0.99 to $2.99 per square foot

DreamWeaver carpet (or Dream Weaver) is a relative newcomer to the residential flooring market but has quickly gained popularity due to its quality product and easy-to-swallow price tag. Price-wise, DreamWeaver compares very favorably with other popular brands like Mohawk, TrafficMaster, and Lifeproof

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One of the brands you may come across when shopping for quality, reasonably priced home flooring is DreamWeaver by Engineered Floors.  So, is DreamWeaver carpet any good?  Here at Home Flooring Pros, we’ve done the digging for you, read on for the results.

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Our review covers options, construction, cost, installation and consumer feedback. Let’s start with a little more information about the company.


DreamWeaver carpet is manufactured by Engineered Floors who are based in Calhoun, Georgia.  Engineered Floors is owned by Shaw Industries.

DreamWeaver is one of the newest large-scale brands in the U.S carpet industry.  But the company’s founder was no stranger to the industry.  Bob Shaw and his family had already built one highly successful carpet brand, Shaw Flooring.  After selling that business, in 2009 they launched their second venture into the industry: Engineered Floors.

Many homeowners search for Dream Weaver carpet (two words) but the actual name is just DreamWeaver (one word).

Engineered Floors owns several brands, among which is DreamWeaver: budget-friendly carpet for residential homes. You could say that it’s “Mr. Shaw’s Carpet 2.0.”  It builds on his knowledge of the market gained from his previous venture while adding streamlined processes and state-of-the-art technology.

The company’s growth has been explosive.  Engineered Floors now has four massive production plants in north Georgia, all fitted with new, eco-friendly equipment.  It employes over 3,000 people and operates several million square feet of factory space, according to Floor Focus magazine.

The company manufactures all its yarns in-house, unlike some manufacturers that buy and dye existing yarn.  DreamWeaver carpet is truly made in America.


DreamWeaver carpet is designed to be affordable.  The exact cost varies by collection and style, but most run from $1.00 to $2.99 per square foot.  This makes it competitively priced compared to similar products and price points.

The materials cost does not include padding and installation.  Carpet pad usually costs between $0.30 and $1.00 per square foot.

Running around $3 per square foot, professional installation may be the most expensive part of your DreamWeaver home makeover.  However, hiring a professional to install your carpet is one of the wisest choices you can make.

A trained professional will know how to properly stretch the carpet when it comes off the roll and can spot any manufacturing defects before the material hits your floor.  Having you carpet installed by a qualified installer makes you less likely to need a warranty claim and more likely to have a convincing case if you do.


Compare DreamWeaver carpet prices with other popular carpet brands in our table below:

Brand Price per square foot
TrafficMaster $0.65 – $3.39
DreamWeaver $0.99 – $2.99
Mohawk Smartstrand $1.99 – $3.99
Mohawk Air.O $2.90 – $3.60
Lifeproof $1.52 – $7.19
Fabrica $6.00 – $16.00


DreamWeaver began by manufacturing only polyester carpet but expanded in 2015 to include nylon.  The company offers four primary product lines: PureColor Polyester, PureColor Soft Polyester, PureColor Nylon, and PureColor Soft Nylon.

Each of these come in a wide variety of colors and styles and are dyed with DreamWeaver’s patented PureColor technology.

Compare the different product lines in the in the chart below:

  PureColor Polyester PureColor Soft Polyester PureColor Nylon PureColor Soft Nylon
Styles Available 35+ 50+ 8 9
Colors Available 6-24 per style 10-36 per style 10-15 per style 10-50 per style
Price (Relative) $ $$ $$ $$$
Warranty for Stain/Fade/Pet Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Warranty for Texture/Soil 15 year 25 year 15 year 25 year
CRI Green Label Plus Certified Yes Yes Yes Yes

As you can see from the chart, DreamWeaver carpet comes in a wide variety of textures and colors.  Some collections have as many as fifty color choices!  So you are likely to find a style and shade that matches your home décor.

That said, most DreamWeaver colors are solids or mosaics.  There are not many patterns or prints available at this time.  The simplicity of the design is one way that the company keeps its manufacturing costs low.

In addition to the four primary product lines, the company also produces two low-budget collections called PureColor Solution and PureColor Basics.  These collections have a lighter face weight and shorter and less comprehensive warranties than the four primary product lines.  (For instance, it does not offer a warranty for texture retention or pet stains.)


DreamWeaver manufactures solely synthetic carpet.  The company does not offer wool or other natural materials.

However, the company strives to create synthetic carpets in completely new and improved ways.  All its carpet has solution-dyed fibers, which means that the fiber is dyed during the extruding process, not afterwards. This process is at the heart of their pure color technology.

This process reduces the need for “dye sites” in the fiber; that is, tiny holes that will trap the colored dye – or an unfortunate ketchup stain.  The result is a product that repels stains more effectively and will not fade with wear or cleaning, since the color goes all the way through the fiber instead of sitting on the surface.

While Engineered Floors is not the only company that produces solution-dyed carpet, it was a pioneer of this industry-changing technology.

The company recently announced their newest innovation, “PureBac” carpet backing.  This new product is lighter weight than traditional backing, making it more flexible and easier to install.

It does not contain latex, which is a bonus for those with latex sensitivities.  It is also mold and odor resistant.  PureBac is available on select styles.


DreamWeaver carpet is highly stain-resistant, especially the polyester lines.

Polyester carpets are made from PET, the same material that plastic soda bottles are made from. What happens when you rinse out a bottle that has had a dark liquid inside?  It’s clear, with little to no color left on the plastic!

In theory, the same thing should happen with your polyester carpet.  Of course, it’s difficult to thoroughly clean dark liquid off your carpet, but the fact remains that polyester repels stains by its very nature.

Traditional nylon textile can stain more easily than polyester, so many manufacturers apply a stain-resistant spray to their nylon carpets.  This spray can wear off with steam cleaning, leaving your floor unprotected.

DreamWeaver stands apart by applying a stain-resistant coating to each filament of their nylon fiber.  This gives them the confidence to offer the same Limited Lifetime Stain warranty for their PureColor Nylons as they do for their polyester carpets.


How long will DreamWeaver carpet last?  As great a product as it is, DreamWeaver carpet is still carpet.  The more foot traffic it gets, the faster it will wear out.  It’s not reasonable to expect any carpet to last more than 10 or 15 years in a high traffic area, despite the company’s claims.

All DreamWeaver PureColor collections come with limited lifetime warranties for stain resistance, pet stain resistance, fade resistance, abrasive wear resistance, and soil resistance, manufacturing defects, and texture retention.

The warranties range in length from 15 years to Lifetime, depending on the specific collection.  PureColor Soft Nylon and PureColor Soft Polyester lines offer 25-year prorated warranties for stain, fade, soil, and pet stain.

25-year warranties sound amazing, but we recommend against making your purchasing decision based on the warranty.  Carpet companies, Engineered Floors included, are notoriously difficult to work with when it comes to warranty claims.

We recommend reading the Engineered Floors warranty booklet thoroughly before making a purchase.   If you do not care for your carpet according to their guidelines, including having it professionally cleaned every 12-18 months, you run the risk of the company refusing to honor a warranty claim.

If you are replacing the carpet in your home in order to prepare it for sale, remember that warranties do not transfer to the next homeowner.


Is carpet safe for people with allergies? Carpet of any brand can act as an air filter for your home, catching and holding dust and dander until it’s eliminated by the vacuum cleaner.

But DreamWeaver PureColor carpet’s soil-repelling technology is especially good at releasing the allergens into the vacuum rather than hoarding them amongst the carpet fibers.

This makes DreamWeaver a good choice for those with sensitivities, especially if you choose a product with latex-free PureBac backing. Read more about hypoallergenic carpet.

What about VOCs?  Consumers are often concerned about volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released from many new construction materials.  These fumes can be dangerous to humans and pets.

Thankfully, you can rest assured that all four of DreamWeaver’s primary collections have received Green Label Plus certification for the lowest VOC emission from the Carpet and Rug Institute.


Is DreamWeaver carpet environmentally friendly?  DreamWeaver is a plastic product, and there’s no way to escape that.  However, the company strives to be as eco-conscious as possible.

Their production technology uses 30% less energy and 87% less water than traditional carpet manufacturers, according to their website.

The company proudly claims to have never used perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) in their process, which greatly reduces their greenhouse gas emission.

Some of the polyester carpets are made of recycled polyethylene terephthalate. Your local DreamWeaver dealer will know which styles are made from recycled material as well as how to recycle your polyester carpet when it’s reached the end of its life.


Engineered Floors sells its DreamWeaver carpet through authorized dealers around the US.  You cannot order directly from Engineered Floors. However, it’s super easy to find a retailer near you with the dealer locator on the company’s website.

DreamWeaver carpet is also marketed at chain retailers and big box hardware stores, often under proprietary labels.  You may have to ask a sales rep if the carpet you are considering is made by DreamWeaver.


How does DreamWeaver carpet hold up to customers’ expectations? We collected DreamWeaver carpet reviews and comments from customers and dealers to show you how this brand performs under real world use.

Helpful Positive Reviews

  • “I researched several brands and I’m convinced DreamWeaver is the highest quality polyester carpet available for the price.”
  • “We chose DreamWeaver because it’s so affordable compared to Shaw or Mohawk.”
  • “We loved the soft texture of DreamWeaver TrueColor polyester compared to Mohawk Smartstrand.”
  • “We’ve installed this product in many different homes and haven’t received complaints.”

Helpful Negative Reviews

  • “DreamWeaver, like other polyesters, pills and sheds quickly in high traffic areas. It’s fine for bedrooms but not meant for stairs and hallways.”
  • “It shows tracks and vacuum marks a lot more than we expected.”
  • “The warranties don’t mean much: no carpet can last 25 years.”
  • “Their polyester is 5-10 year carpet, but their nylon is a great product that will really hold up.”


DreamWeaver is one of the best budget-friendly residential carpet brands. It particularly stands out from the crowd with its original product, PureColor Polyester.  Few other polyester carpet products can hold up to as many years of use.  You will be hard pressed to find equal or better carpet at a comparable price.

One of the most significant cons to DreamWeaver products is the limited selection of textures and patterns.  The PureColor collections come in an array of colors, but mostly in a neutral palette. Another potential drawback to DreamWeaver carpet is the complicated process of making a warranty claim should the need arise.

Dealers we spoke to while researching this article said that they have received few complaints with the DreamWeaver product. Satisfied customers have led to this company’s rapid growth.

What are your top priorities when shopping for carpet to refresh your living space?  Would you recommend DreamWeaver products? Tell us in the comments!

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    After reading their new technology you might want to consider their Polyester line. I was a “nylon only” mindset until I researched, viewed, and felt the poly line.

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    We recently had Dreamweaver II installed throughout the house. There are seams throughout the home. Are seams a problem with Dreamweaver product?

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    We are considering the purchase of Dream Weaver carpet tiles. Do they have the same quality as the regular Dream Weaver carpet. A pad is attached to each tile.

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    Hi Theresa,

    I am looking for the best carpet for my stairs, hallway, and bedrooms. Since Dream Weaver no longer sells Nylon, do you have a recommendation for which collection (Montauk, East Hampton, Show Stopper etc) I should consider? The choices are overwhelming and I am concerned about durability.

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