Best Flooring for a Dining Room – Options and Ideas

Dining rooms are where families and friends gather to eat – and where kids spill food and juice on a regular basis. If you have a separate dining room, then you also want it to be elegant and visually appealing.

This Home Flooring Pros guide offers you the top dining room flooring options for your home.

  • Hardwood Flooring – Whether you choose solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood flooring or even bamboo flooring, you’ll enjoy a durable surface that combines good looks with a surface that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Laminate flooring – A lower-cost alternative to hardwood floors that you may also want to consider among your dining room flooring options.
  • Carpeting – This flooring material works well for dining rooms because of its warmth and the fact it tends to insulate the space from outside noise. Attractive Berbers and other weaves are ideal for this purpose.
  • Natural Stone Flooring – If you want a real sense of luxury and beauty in your dining room, natural stone is a great choice. It is easy to care for and gives an upscale feel wherever it is installed.
  • Cork Flooring – If you haven’t seen what’s available in cork today, you owe it to yourself to discover it. Cork is soft underfoot but durable enough to handle the demands of a dining room floor.

All of these dining room flooring options are offered in patterns and styles that will fit your decorating plan.

The Best Dining Room Floor for Your Needs

Let’s now take a look again at each of the flooring options above and discuss the pros and cons of each as they relate to the different needs of each home. Comparing one flooring type with another will help you decide which floor best suits your specific lifestyle and location?

Hardwood – Wood floors certainly bring style to a dining room and, as discussed above, they are durable and easy to clean. On the downside they are more expensive than other options so may not work on a tight budget. Remember though, quality wood floors that are well maintained will last you a lifetime, so in the long run they are very cost effective. They are perfect for city apartments and homes in a moderate climate but less so for homes in regions of high humidity or where floors may suffer from outdoor elements being brought indoors, like sand from a beach.

Laminate – If you don’t have the budget for real wood then why not take a look at laminate wood flooring, much, much cheaper while still giving you the look of wood. Quick and easy to install and durable too. We always advise buyers to invest in the best quality flooring they can afford and they should definitely do so if their dining room is part of an open plan family kitchen/diner with heavy traffic, but if you have a stand alone formal dining room that is used less often any reputable laminate product should be suitable.

Carpet and Rugs – Carpets and rugs are warm and easy on the feet, perfect for a cold climate, but really only suitable for specific living situations. Don’t use them in a dinning room if you have young children, food goes everywhere but mainly on the carpet, and they’re not great for households with lots of pets (one cat or one small dog is fine). Also if you’re very social and always throwing dinner parties then carpet isn’t the way to go. That said, for a couple on a budget they work just fine.

Tile & Stone – You certainly will make a strong statement using natural stone or ceramic tile in the dining room but again there are some considerations. Both stone and tile can be expensive (tile needn’t be but the less you spend the less attractive the options) and installation is costly too. Stone and tile is better suited to a formal dining room and warmer climates. Remember that if you live in a cold part of the country and you have a large dining room you could end up with a rather unwelcoming space that echos. This problem can be offset by underfloor heating and area rugs.

Cork – Cork flooring is another interesting choice for a dining room. It’s durable but softer underfoot than hardwood and gives a sense of warmth to a room. It does however have quite a unique look and is harder to blend with the rest of your home decor. Stylistically it either suits your tastes or it doesn’t.

We invite you to offer your comments below about the type of flooring you’ve used in the dining room. How did it work out? Your input will help other readers consider their dining room flooring options and choose one they’ll love. Also, feel free to contact us directly.

Dining Room Floor Inspiration – Photo and Image Ideas

On our Pinterst Board you can find a wide range of photos from across the web that will give you plenty ideas for designing and installing your dream dining room floor.

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