Cork & Bamboo Flooring

If you’re looking for something unique, beautiful and durable for your home or office, cork and bamboo flooring is worth considering. Along with their durability and popularity, bamboo and cork flooring is very Eco-friendly, made from materials that are quickly renewed unlike other hardwoods that take 25 or more years to reach usefulness.

cork and bamboor flooring

Bamboo is a grass native to Asia that grows to maturity in about 5 years. Cork is the outer bark of the cork trees of Spain and other locations. It is quickly renewed. Both materials are carefully crafted into gorgeous flooring that is functional and durable. Your finish options for bamboo and cork flooring create a range of interesting and attractive options.

Cork and Bamboo Flooring Guides

A good place to start is our complete Cork & Bamboo Flooring Buying Guide. In it, you’ll discover more information about the sources for bamboo and cork, how it is made into flooring, its wear and longevity expectancy and your flooring choices. If you want to learn more about this type of flooring, you’ll find other useful information in our guides to cork and bamboo prices, installation and care and maintenance.

Home Flooring Estimates

Cork or bamboo flooring is more than just a fashionable trend. With the “green” pedigree combined with beauty and affordability, cork and bamboo should be a popular choice for quite some time. Bamboo and cork flooring durability is also a benefit sometimes overlooked.

While cork and bamboo flooring share some similarities they are both very different from one another and you should consider the suitability of each for your particular project. Click here to read more about bamboo flooring pros and cons vs the pros and cons of cork flooring.

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DIY or Pro Installation?

If you’ve got basic carpentry skills, you may want to consider installing your flooring yourself. Our Installation Guide for Bamboo and Cork Flooring gives you a clear idea of what is involved.

If you’d prefer to have professional installation, we can help you get multiple written estimates from screened, experienced home flooring pros in your area. There is no cost or obligation for receiving the competitive offers from top local flooring contractors.

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