Carpet Trends: Popular Carpet Colors, Designs and Ideas

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Now is an exciting time to be considering new carpets or rugs for your home. One of the effects of the recession and a stagnant housing market has been a change in the mind set of many homeowners.

For many years flooring decisions were based on which type of flooring gave the best return on investment. This led to many choices that were safe and neutral so as not to put off any perspective future buyers (think beige carpet).

With the slowdown in the housing market we are now seeing homeowners taking a longer term view of their homes which in turn is leading to more adventurous interior décor style choices. And while hardwood flooring is arguably more desirable the warmth and comfort of carpets and rugs are seeing a major resurgence in popularity.

Home Flooring Pros has scoured the internet to unearth some of the latest carpet trends for 2015/2016. In this flooring guide we take a look at what some interior designers have to say and try to pin down the new trends.

New Carpet Trends

The bold and the beautiful

The biggest trend of 2015 is a move towards bolder and more dramatic carpet colors. Popular carpet colors, including darker browns, greys and reds, even purples, oranges and greens, exemplify the willingness of home owners to let their floors set the tone for their rooms, something that used to be the role of the walls via vibrant paint or wallpaper. Increasingly the carpets and rugs used become the main design focal point for the room. It doesn’t hurt that these strong colors are also more forgiving or wear and tear in high traffic areas.

Taking this idea to its extreme we are seeing not only whole rooms covered with a block of color but also, in areas of the house that can take it, very striking multicolor swirling patterns or stripes. Most typically we are seeing this kind of thing being achieved with large designer area rugs or hall and stair runners.


Patterns, patterns and more patterns

New manufacturing techniques combined with retro design trends have brought an exciting new selection of patterned carpeting styles into our homes. And when we say patterned we don’t just mean printed or woven patterns but highly textured carpeting using different loop and tuft length to create two dimensional multi levelled carpet designs. These patterns really jump out at you.

Geometric shapes, zigzagging stripes and other angular patterns are helping to create some really striking and daring designs. We think they echo the art deco look of the 20’s. Indeed it’s not just carpet designers who think that The Great Gatsby is in this year. As Victoria Noakes says at Carpet and Flooring Review

With increasing publicity surrounding the latest film adaptation of the great American novel, it can come as no surprise that the spirit of the roaring 20s is set to make a triumphant return.


Green carpets

No not the color green but natural, eco-friendly and organic carpets and rugs are very much in style. Sisal, raffia and sea grass carpet and rugs can work well in an urban setting and offer a hard wearing and rugged natural look all set of with earthy color tones. For a softer more rustic look pure wool carpets with rich neutral tones are very popular but doesn’t come cheap.

If you just want to bring nature into your room without necessarily actually using organic materials then refer back to our section on patterned carpets above. Organic shapes like flowers, bulbs, leaves and trellis patterns are all popular and bring a hint of nature indoors. Metro Alt Floors points out that,

Solid woven patterns in these shapes offer an elemental feel to a room and fuse well with patterned upholstery in furnishings.


Beige…yes beige!

Okay, not just beige but muted neutral colors generally are still a popular choice, but for slightly different reasons than previously. It is not just in carpets that we are seeing a trend toward the strong colors and geometric patterns that we discussed above. Walls and furnishings are all prime candidates for strong bold design statements and if these are the areas where you would prefer to focus your design flair then you would be well advised to pull back on your carpet ambitions. Low cut carpets in neutral tones are a wise style choice if you want to get more creative elsewhere.

Furthermore muted carpet colors needn’t be bland. The trend is now to spice them up with more vibrant textures and patterns. We are also seeing a rising popularity for more adventurous pastel colors like light greens, yellows and blue and if you’re going to go bland…go grey not beige! Beautiful Habitat lets us know that

Gray is hot everywhere – furniture, fabrics, flooring, books. It’s quickly replacing beige, tans, and browns as the hot neutral. Don’t panic if you’re surrounded by browns. They are neutrals, and a good neutral will always hold their own.


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Have we missed any current carpet color trends that you know about? What carpet is best for your home? Please share your experiences and let us know in your opinion what’s hot and what’s not. Just use the comments section below to share your 2016 carpet trends. And if you’re looking to catch up with the latest 2016 hardwood flooring trends then just click here.

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