Best Time of Year to Replace the Flooring in your Home

Spring and fall are the best times of the year to replace the flooring in your home. Here are the top 3 reasons to plan your flooring installation for these months.

1. Having Doors Open Won’t Be Uncomfortable

When you’re having flooring installed, the doors will be open a lot. Old flooring will be carried out; new flooring will be carried in. If you have home flooring pros install the material, they may be going out frequently to get tools or supplies from the truck. If this takes place in winter, your home will cool off; in summer, your home may heat up and your AC will work overtime.

2. You’ll Want Ventilation and Fresh Air

Secondly, you may want the windows open for ventilation to get rid of fumes and odors. When installing carpet, tape is being ironed, floor adhesive, adhesive removers, stains and sealers can all emit noxious fumes and odors you’ll want to alleviate as soon as possible.

3. Humidity and Temperature are More Moderate

All types of flooring, but especially wood flooring, need to acclimate to the indoor environment before they can be properly installed. This means that they need to take on the humidity level and temperature found indoors. If they don’t, problems can arise.

For example, in the summer, the outdoor humidity may be 75% to 90% or higher in some climates. Wood flooring stored in a garage or warehouse that is not humidity-controlled will absorb more moisture and swell.

If you install the wood flooring without complete acclimation, it will dry out after installation. The air conditioner acts as a dehumidifier. In winter, homes can get very dry. When the wood flooring dries out, it will shrink. This may lead to it cracking or pulling apart.

NOTE: If you install wood flooring in winter, make sure your home is humidified. Likewise, if installed during humid summer months, you may want to run a dehumidifier or the AC to remove excess humidity. Wood flooring should be installed when the home’s relative humidity is 35% to 60%, and the flooring should be acclimated for 7-14 days.

Spring and fall allow the fastest, most complete acclimation with the least risk of problems because homes are not likely to have either very high or very low humidity. So, if you want new flooring installed before the holidays or in time for the summer graduation party, plan ahead to ensure the best results.

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