Basement Flooring Options

Finished basements add living space to any home, but only certain types of flooring are appropriate for basements due to the higher humidity. In addition, basement floors usually receive a lot of wear and tear when used as a recreation room, kid’s play area, a man cave, laundry or place for storage.

Basement floors need to be tough and durable in addition to being able to handle the higher humidity found below grade.

In this Home Flooring Pros guide, we suggest the basement flooring options you’ll want to consider for your next remodel.

  • Vinyl Flooring – Withstands moisture very well and is very easy to clean. It’s affordable, so if it takes a beating, replacing it in 5-10 years won’t be too costly.
  • Engineered Hardwood Flooring – Solid hardwood is not a good choice, but engineered flooring is not susceptible to swelling and buckling, so it can be used below grade.
  • Ceramic tile Flooring – It’s durable, easy to clean and is ideal for areas where moisture is present.
  • Suitable Carpet – You can still warm ujp your basement with carpet as long as you keep moisture under control

Taking the environment into account when considering basement flooring options, as well as how the space will be used, is essential in choosing flooring that will hold up well through the years. Whether you choose one of these options or another suitable flooring for basement installation, you’ll find a range of styles and prices to meet your needs.

If you’ve already installed basement flooring, take a moment to contact us and let us know why you chose the material you did, and how it’s working out as a basement flooring. The feedback will help other readers decide which of their basement flooring options make the most sense for their purposes.

Places To Find Basement Remodeling Ideas and Projects

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  • Finished Basement Company –  Basement finishing, photos, and design ideas.
  • Craftsmen Network – Access to a basement remodeling calculator so you can determine what features you can afford and which ones you cannot.

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