Advantages of Carpet over Hardwood Flooring

Carpet remains the most popular type of flooring in most homes. Hardwood flooring has its devotees too. In this flooring guide, you’ll discover the advantages that carpeting and rugs have over hardwood flooring.

Carpeting is Quieter than Hardwood Flooring

Wood is noisy. Walking on it makes a clickety-clack that seems to echo. The dog’s toe nails do the same thing. It doesn’t absorb sound the way carpeting does, so noise reverberates. Voices travel over hardwood floors much louder than over carpet. If you want to lower the level of sound pollution in your home, carpeting is the right choice.

Carpeting is Softer than Hardwood Flooring

If you stand a lot, hardwood flooring can lead to a sore back, legs or feet. Carpet is much softer to stand on, so if you are on your feet a lot, carpet offers a distinct advantage over hardwood flooring.

Carpeting has Insulation Value and Hardwood Does Not

When you choose a quality carpet and padding combination, it can produce an insulation R-value of 2.5. If you’re trying to reduce your energy use and cost, every bit helps.

Carpeting Is More Affordable than Hardwood Flooring

Installed prices for carpeting range from $2.50-$8 per square foot for the most popular products. Hardwood flooring installed ranges in cost from $6-$15 per square foot. Some will argue that hardwood actually costs less over its lifetime than carpet. This might be true, but if you’re not planning to live in your current home for 80-100 years, carpet is more cost-effective.

Carpet Doesn’t Last as Long as Hardwood Flooring

Some would consider this a disadvantage. Others love it because they don’t want to be stuck with the same flooring for the rest of their lives. Carpeting will last 5-12 years depending on its quality and where it is installed. This gives you a chance to redecorate more often, enjoying the variety that a “change of scenery” can bring.

Places You Can Learn About Carpeting Styles, Types and Choices

  • Modern Fever – Contemporary handmade carpet collections, design services and helpful guides for creating the perfect room for your next project.
  • Stainmaster Carpet – This leading manufacturer of stain and fade resistant carpets offers information on carpet selection as well as helpful design tools.
  • Sustainablog – Blog that focuses on anything and everything eco-friendly and green including carpet and flooring options.

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One thought on “Advantages of Carpet over Hardwood Flooring

  • September 7, 2018 at 7:14 am

    Carpeting has a sound deadening factor your rooms and home will not echo. Carpeting is not slippery like hard wood floors. Dogs nails will scratch hardwood floors for ever and will be loud.
    Carpeting over all is a better choice


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