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Home Flooring Pros is a long-term project started by Jamie Sandford back in 2013. Since the beginning, our mission has always been to create a no-pressure learning environment for homeowners to learn everything they need to know about buying new flooring or replacing their existing floors. All this before you walk into a local showroom or deal with a high-pressure salesman in your home, after all, an educated consumer makes the smartest choices and gets the best deal on new home flooring.

Over the years we have brought experienced technical writers on board, consulted with industry experts and broadened our content to include even more helpful flooring advice including:

Flooring Brands: We take a closer look at both flooring manufacturers and retailers. What are the specs, styles and options of the most popular flooring brands.

Cost Reports: How much do different flooring materials cost on a scale of good to best? How much should you expect to pay for installation and what factors can affect cost?

Flooring Materials: Our next step is to delve deeper into the main flooring options and consider how different types of flooring materials work best in different settings.

Comparison Reports: Do you want to know the difference between porcelain and ceramic tile? What about choosing between nylon and polyester carpet? In our comparison reports we take a deep dive into the difference between different flooring materials and treatments.

Ideas and Options: Here is where we let our hair down and indulge in some good old fashioned interior design day dreaming. Our interior design expert takes a look at how different types of flooring can impact the overall look of your home.

How-To: Although we’re not a conventional DIY flooring website we do like to help our readers with some of the everyday flooring tasks they may need to undertake in the course of caring and repairing for their floors.

Ask the Pros: Finally, since our readership has grown, we have started to receive specific questions from readers asking for help and advice. In this section you can find the most popular questions asked and replies from our home flooring pros.

Meet The Team

Jamie Sandford, Lead Editor and Technical Liaison

Jamie Sandford, Owner and Editor of Home Flooring ProsJamie Sandford is the Owner and Chief Editor of Home Flooring Pros. After 10 years’ experience in screen and stage set construction followed by a further 15 years working in the home renovation/remodelling business he now writes and curates online home improvement advice for Home Flooring Pros and RenoCompare.

His role now, as lead editor, is to delegate research and writing to others in the team, and to liaise with industry professionals to ensure that Home Flooring Pros content is up-to-date and as accurate as possible.


Greca Fotopoulos, Lead Writer

Greca, with her Greek heritage, brings some Mediterranean flair to our home flooring style pages. She has been obsessed with home design ever since she got her first Lego set and made a house instead of a spaceship! Having graduated from Wimbledon School of Art, with a BA in Technical Art, she worked in film and theatre set design, before redirecting her career to interior design content writing as a working mom. Married to Jamie Sandford and involved in Home Flooring Pros from day one, she is now our go-to writer for flooring trends, flooring ideas, and flooring brand reports. She’s also in charge of the bookkeeping and scheduling. When not working, Greca spends her me-time secretly planning new remodeling projects and singing in her local choir.


Rob Parsell, Technical Writer

The son of an interior designer, Rob was already painting walls and hanging wallpaper at 14! After assisting the family interior design business and building two homes of his own, Rob has been working as a freelance writer since 2010, specializing in flooring, remodeling, and HVAC systems. Rob joined Home Flooring Pros in 2014 and covers all our “How To” flooring articles, “Cost” articles and “Ask the Pros” articles. Rob is also a pastor, serves on the Church Board and continues to give sermons. He is married to Diane, and they have 3 kids and 2 grandkids.




Find us on the Web

Along with our extensive website, we also like to network at these places:

Main Sections of our Website

The main guides on our site include sections for the major types of flooring most homeowners are interested in. Within each of those guides, you’ll find specific sections for pricing, cleaning and care, installation and more.

Finally we’d like to let you know about a new venture. In 2015 we launched a new site, www.renocompare.com. RenoCompare is a home remodeling and home improvement website crammed with advice and ideas on every type of home remodeling project. The sites mission is to compare and contrast the different remodeling options, materials and costs so that you can make informed buying decisions.

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